International Arrivals to Korea

by K4E Team, 01/04/2020

Starting April 1, all travelers entering South Korea from overseas are required to self-isolate for two weeks upon arrival. This applies to all nationalities, including Korean nationals, regardless of length of stay.

All Seoul citizens arriving from overseas must receive a diagnostic test upon arrival and self-isolate for 14 days.

Those without an accommodation or a suitable place will be quarantined in facilities provided by the central/local governments at their own expense.
Medical examinations and treatment support will be provided by the national government for non-Koreans. This does not include living expenses.

Emergency Shuttle Bus for International Arrivals
The Seoul Metropolitan Government has prepared shuttle buses for arriving passengers to get them from Incheon to Seoul.
Do not use other modes of public transportation and please use the shuttle bus service provided. If you have a vehicle at the airport, you may use it and drive from the airport. 

1. Upon arrival, go to the emergency shuttle bus waiting area (Incheon Terminal 1 (1F), Terminal 2 (B1F)
2. Check the bus routes and fill out the passenger form. (Routes are classified by zones - see below). Passengers are only allowed to get off at bus stops designated by the district office.
3. Take the shuttle bus to your local district office. (you may make a request toyour disrict office if you do not have a separate mode of personal transportation.)
4. Get off at the district office and head to your accomodation/residence. (Follow the instructions of the person in charge at the district office). Use of personal vehicles is prioritised; ride the district office if needed.

Shuttle bus departure timetable:
Terminal 2 - 08:00   11:00    14:00    16:00    18:30    21:50
Terminal 1:  08:20    11:20    14:20    16:20    18:50    22:10

Bus Stops by District* (Screening Clinics):
Zone 0:
Yongsan-gu Public Health Center - 02.2199.6317
Jongno Plaza Pharmacy - 02.2140.3557
Jungbu Fire Station - 02.3396.4508
Zone 1:
Dobong-gu Community Center - 02.2091.2104
Nowon-gu Public Health Center - 02.2116.4337
Gangbuk-gu Public Health Center - 02.901.5875
Seongbuk-gu Public Health Center - 02.2241-6028
Zone 2:
Seongdong-gu Public Health Center - 02.2286.5108
Dongdaemun-gu Yongdu Park - 02-2127.4025
Jungnang-gu Office Central Plaza - 02.2094.0364
Gwangjin-gu Office - 02.450.7908
Zone 3:
Songna-gu Employment Support Center - 02.2147.2131
Gangnam-gu Public Health Center - 02.3425.5097
Zone 4:
Yangjae Station Transfer Parking Lot - 02.2155-6148
Gangnam-gu Public Health Center - 02.3429.5555
Zone 5:
Dongjak-gu Public Health Center - 02.820-8875
Gwanak-gu Council - 02.879.5153
Geumcheon-gu Public Health Center - 02.2627.2739
Zone 6:
Magok Leports Center -02.2600-6996
Yangcheon-gu Public Health Center - 02.2820.3687
Yeongdeungpo-gu Office - 02.2670.4953-8
Guro-gu Office - 02.860.3305
Zone 7:
In front of Mapo-gu Office - 02/3153.6335
Seodaemun-gu Public Health Center - 02.330.1095
Eunpyeong-gu Office - 02.351.6322

*Note if any of the phone numbers is incorrect, contact KTO 1330 helpline or Seoul's Dasan 120 helpline (press 9  for English)

Article re South Korea's border policies, including triage process.

"Self-Quarantine Safety" app
All travelers entering South Korea must install and use the "Self-Quarantine Safety" app. If you have an i-Phone or i-Pad you can scan the QR code below to install the app and observe the tips for self-quarantine. (K4E has heard back that the QR code does not work on android phones.)

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