Movie Ticket Discounts

by M L Lee, 02/06/2020

As of Monday 01 June, over a three-week period, moviegoers can receive a W6,000 discount on their movie ticket for films screened Thursday through Sunday. 

To get the discount ticket for CGV, Megabox and Lotte Cinema screenings, you’ll have to visit their respective websites. Tickets are limited to two per person per week on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Cine Q is offering up to four tickets per person per week for anyone who reserves tickets during the three-week period.

Megabox: (has a pop-up about the discount)
Lotte Cinema: (scroll down the home page to see the discount offer)
Cine Q: (discount info rotating on home page)

You may need to be able to read Korean or get help from a Korean-speaker to navigate the site and obtain the discounted tickets.

The Korean Film Council, a state-funded institution says it is providing up to 1.3 million coupons.and is offering reassurances to the public that safety measures will be followed for theaters, including checking temperatures, distanced seating and a strict quarantine system inside the halls. 

For a list of current films in Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Seoul and the venues in which they are playing go to the 'OTHER' section of K4E's What's Going On or click here.

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