Foreign Residents in Seoul Eligible for Disaster Relief Payout

by K4E Team, 07/09/2020

As of 31 August 2020, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is including foreign residents in its COVID-19 disaster relief payout scheme. All foreign residents who meet certain criteria and who have household incomes smaller than the median income can apply either online at or at 40 designated places. The application period is from 31 August to 25 September 2020 online and at ward offices throughout Seoul between 14-25 September 2020. The deadline to apply is 17:00 Friday 25 September 2020. 

Those who met all the requirements outlined below will receive from W300,000 up to W500,000 (one time) depending on the number of household members. The relief money will be paid in the form of  prepaid cards that can be used everywhere in Seoul until 15 December 2020.

To be eligible, the head of household must have a visa that permits employment/profit-making activities (D-1, D-3, D-5~D-10, E-1~E-10, F-2, F-4, F-5, G-1 (excluding G1-10), H-1, H-2) and have been registered as living in Seoul for more than 90 days as of 27 August 2020.
Overseas Koreans(F-4 visa holders can apply only if they have had resident status for over 90 days since reporting residence in Korea
Note that student and general trading visas as well as work restricted jobs are not eligible to apply. People, who have already received any of the following government support funds (in Korea) in 2020, are also not eligible to receive support funds:
Seoul disaster emergency living expenses; Covid-19 paid vacation allowance; unemployment benefits ; Covid-19 living expenses support (hospitalized or quarantined for 14days or longer.

The median income criteria depends on family size:
W1.76 million/month for a 1-person household
W2.99 million/month for a 2-person household
W3.87 million/month for a 3-person household
W4.75 million/month for a 4-person household
W5.63 million/month for a 5-person household
W6.51million/month for a 6-person household
W7.39 million/month for a 7-person household

The online and on-site application services can be used on designated days only for each individual, depending on the last digit of the applicant’s birth year. The five-day rotation system applies to weekdays only, not weekends.
Birthdate year ends in 1 or 6 – application day is Monday
Birthdate year ends in 2 or 7 – application day is Tuesday
Birthdate year ends in 3 or 8 – application day is Wednesday
Birthdate year ends in 4 or 9 – application day is Thursday
Birthdate year ends in 5 or 0 – application day is Friday. 

■ Required documents
1. Application form (downloadable from the website)
2. Agreement on the Collection and Use of Personal Data (downloadable from the website)
※ Must be signed by all houseold members; rejected if not signed
3. Health Insurance Registration Certificate or Health Insurance card
- if you have a digital certificate, certificate can be issued from the NHIS website 
- if not, it is possible to receive the document by fax by calling 1577-1000
(if not registered for health insurance, must fill out reason why on the application form, indicating that you do not have an official Korean name for this reason)
4. Certificate of Alien Registration

* If the Korean names of the applicant and any family members are not entered correctly, the application will be rejected.
* An application must include each and every family member that is listed on the applicant's National Health Insurance Certificate and also on the applicant's Certificate of Alien Registration. Deliberate omission of a family member will lead to the application being rejected.
* If possible, obtain your National Health Insurance Qualification certificate online prior to commencing your application.

Seoul Metropolitan Government does provide information in English (also Korean, Chinese, Japanese), including a step-by-step manual for registering on the site and completing the form as well as a pretty detailed Q&A here. It's possible, though, that the form may have to be filled out in Korean.

Itaewon Global Village Center is also offering assistance to those who don’t have computers at home or who need help filling out the application. ADVANCE RESERVATION REQUIRED. Consultations are 30 minutes maximum and need to be scheduled according to the 5-day rotation system based on the last digit of the applicant’s birth year. To make a reservation visit the reservation website:


If you have difficulty in submitting the documents online, or need consultation,  you may also call or visit the Seorae Global Village Center.  In order to avoid large gathering, SGVC is giving priority to reservations.  Please make a reservation in advance by calling 02-2155-8949.
Consultation on phone (Mon-Sun 9:00am-18:00pm) :
Korean / English : 02-2155-8915~6
French : 02-2155-8949

This inclusion of foreign nationals in the one-time cash relief program SMG has been offering to Korean nationals as well as marriage immigrants and refugees is the result of a decision by the National Human Rights Commission in June. The Commissions ruled that the government had discriminated against foreign residents by excluding them from the relief when they, too, were suffering economic hardship as a result of COVID-19. 




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