Designated COVID-19 Testing, Treatment Centers - around Korea

by K4E Team, 04/04/2020

Korea has designated specific facilities (hospital/clinics) for COVID-19 testing and/or treatment. Click on the following Ministry of Health and Welfare link for the lists of hospitals, clinics and drive through centers: 
For a map, click here:

The designated centers lists are in Korean only. Here is a translation of the lists headings:

Drive thru Centers = 승차검진 선별진료소

Virus Field inspection centers = 검사체취 가능 진료소

Clinics for the Corona virus patients = 국민안심병원

All Selected Clinics =  전체선별진료소

The Ministry of Health and Welfare provides guidelines on self-quarantine, in English, for both those who have or do not have the coronavirus. Click here or go to and click on English in the top menu.



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