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Author Topic: How do you properly internet shop for electronics in Korea?  (Read 5279 times)
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« on: August 13, 2018, 06:15:31 am »

As most of you living in Korea you might also frequently buy Korean designed products from the Korean internet selling sites. A few times already I bought something and when inspecting the product it seems to be different than they advertised it with, even I paid good money for it.

The last time I bought a heat convector. When I unboxed it I did notice it looked smaller than the measurements they did advertised it with. So after measuring, it turns out it is indeed in the height and width 10cm smaller. I triple checked if I did receive the good model number and compared it with the internet site. I hope it will heat enough my room when winter season is there.

Then I bought some Bluetooth desktop speakers. I have to admit, also the sound quality is very good. But then they advertise, that the speakers has a NFC function, this even on the box of the speakers. But nowhere you can find instructions to operate the NFC and nowhere on the speakers a sign where you have to put your phone or ells your card. Even on the selling site itself you cannot find any kind of instructions.

With the mosquito season I thought I will buy a mosquito catcher. Of course I know the once with a high voltage metal in the middle of the lamp. But the fancy LED Light machines where the mosquito has to be sucked in the machine by a running fan looks very nice……Even no fruit fly and it was running for a week.

Besides internet shopping. In the department stores a lot of times the seller did not know anything of the product, once a seller actually admitted he only wants to try to make a sell and he does not know about the product.

It looks like they are more interested to be succeeded to sell the item than they are try to able to inform the customer how the product actually works or try to get the customer be able to operate it properly or even that their product actually works. 

Somebody has any advice on this?
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