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Title: Doctor/Patient Confidentiality.
Post by: Busan Ninja on July 28, 2010, 10:15:28 pm

A few Expats in Busan have experienced a few problems with Hospitals/Doctors/ gynecologists happily telling their Hagwon  co-teachers, by phone, without asking them,  their personal medical issues.
I am 99% sure this is not OK. That anything you tell your Doctor should be confidential.

Please help me find the official policy on this-  at the moment I advise to make it absolutely clear when they go they want complete confidential treatment and that if anyone from your school calls they can not be told anything without the hospital directly asking you first. This is not always working though.

I can see however the problem may well be a cheeky co-teacher calling and lying to the hospital - with a story about how the foreigner  didn't understand the medication instructions or diagnosis.

I reckon that the staff on the phones feel they are helping 'us' out by answering the questions. How to go about clarifying that they mustn't say anything to our schools without our permission is a tough one, as I'm not sure how to make all the staff aware that school co-teachers can be nosy busy bodies sometimes...and it's hard for us to understand why they'd even consider giving out information but they just seem to.

It could also be that their maybe an arrangement with the insurance company to notify the school if it is used (although I doubt this is likely)

perhaps the problem could also be that as each hospital/doctor's surgery is private they may have their own policy - again unlikely but who knows.

Any ideas?
Thanks again...

Title: Re: Doctor/Patient Confidentiality.
Post by: jmexpat on July 30, 2010, 05:36:01 am
I work in Seoul and a collegue of mine had his annual check up results sent directly to the company despite him insisting it not be. The company paid for the check up, so maybe that has somthing to do with it.

WHo the hell knows, so many Koreans make stuff up to cover their ass, I doubt we will ever find out the real laws.

I hope you do though.

Title: Re: Doctor/Patient Confidentiality.
Post by: inawe77 on August 09, 2011, 06:07:23 pm
How does your school know you have been to an OB/GYN? And how do they know which clinic you've visited??

You shouldn't have to go to a doctor they tell you about. You rarely need appointments in Korea, many clinics open till late night, and all doctors speak at least enough English so you can just walk into any clinic. If you're in a rural area, try to go in the centre of a town, but not near any bus or train stations(they will think you're a hooker).

I've had the receptionist blurt out my/other patients 'issues' in the waiting room in front of all other waiting patients....Koreans don't seem to mind.