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Volleyball League Championship, Men-Women Teams, 21-30 March 2019, Korea

DATE: Friday 01 -Monday 11 March 2019 / Semi Playoff 14-20 March / Championship 21-30 March
TIME: Times vary - see schedule below
COST: Ticket prices ranges from W5,000 - W20,000 (Free for children under 8 y-o-a)
VENUE: see list of stadiums below

Following is the games schedule around Korea. For more information on Korea's professional Volleyball teams and their home stadiums, see the Volleyball Teams information pages - Men's Teams and Women's Teams.

Women's Championship Games - 21-29 March: Pink Spiders vs Hi-Pass
Thursday 21st at 19:00 in Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium (인천 계양 경기장)
Saturday 23rd at 14:00 in Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium (인천 계양 경기장)
Monday 25th at 19:00 in Gimcheon Gymnasium (김천 체육관)
Wednesday 27th at 19:00 in Gimcheon Gymnasium (김천 체육관)
Friday 29th at 19:00 in Gimcheon Gymnasium (김천 체육관)

Men's Championship Games 22-30 March: KAL Jumbos vs Hyundai Sky Walkers
Friday 22nd at 19:00 in Incheon Gyeyang Stadium (인천 계양 경기장)
Sunday 24th at 14:00 in Incheon Gyeyang Stadium (인천 계양 경기장)
Tuesday 26th at 19:00 in Choenan Yoo Gwan-Soon Stadium (천안 유관순 경기장)
Thursday 28th at 19:00 in Choenan Yoo Gwan-Soon Stadium (천안 유관순 경기장)
Saturday 30th at 14:00 in Choenan Yoo Gwan-Soon Stadium (천안 유관순 경기장)

KAL Jumbos (Incheon Korean Air Jumbos) - Incheon Gyeyang Stadium (인천 계양 경기장)
Daejeon: Samsung Blue Fangs (Daejeon Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Bluefangs) - Daejeon Chungmu Stadium (대전 충무 스타디움)
Uijeongbu KB Stars (Uijeongbu KB Stars Insurance Greaters) - Uijeongbu Stadium - 의정부 종합운동장
Asan: Woori Card Wibee- Jangchung Gymnasium  (장충 체육관)
Cheonan: Hyundai SkyWalkers (Cheonan Hyundai Capital Services Skywalkers) - Choenan Yoo Gwan-Soon Stadium (천안 유관순 경기장)
Suwon: KEPCO Vixtorm (Suwon KEPCO Vixtorm) - Suwon Complex Stadium (수원 종합)
Ansan: Rush&Cash Vespid (Ansan OK Saving Bank Rush & Cash) -  Ansan Sang Lok Su Gymnasium (안산 상록 수 체육관)

PyeongTaek: GS KIXX (GS CALTEX KIXX) - Jangchung Gymnasium  (장충 체육관)
Daejeon: KGC (KGC Pro Volleyball Club) - Daejeon Chungmu Stadium (대전 충무 스타디움)
Suwon: Hyundai Hillstate (Hyundai E&C Hillstate) - Suwon Complex Stadium (수원 종합)
Incheon: Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders (Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders) - Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium (인천 계양 경기장)
Gyeongbuk Gimcheon Hi-Pass - Gimcheon Gymnasium (김천 체육관)
Hwaseong: IBK Altos (IBK Altos) - Hwaseong Sports Complex (화성 종합 운동장)

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