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Seoul Intl Hikers-DMZ Day Trip, 27 Apr 2019, Gyeonggi-do

DATE: Saturday 27 April 2019
TIME: Meet at 9:20 AM
COST: No particpation fee / Each person will pay for her/his transport, entrance fee and meal after the hike (optional - W10,000-W20,000)'
VENUE: Meet near Exit 1 at Dongducheon Station (Line 1, Stop 101)

DESCRIPTION:  This coming Saturday, Seoul International Hiker will go north to Baengmagoji Station in the DMZ to hike as well as to participate in the Peace campaign. The group will hike Godaesan and also take part in a human chain activity near along the DMZ. About 200,000 people are expected to gather and make a human chain. As this may result in changes to the SIH's hiking plan it's particularly important to register in advance. The plan is to go to the northernmost mountain in Gyeonggi  Province, Godaesan (832 meters), from which summit one can command a rare bird's-eye view of the other side of the DMZ (De-Militarized  Zone). The Godaesan Park is well-known among Korean hikers for its well-preserved eco-system.

GETTING THERE: The hikers will meet bright and early by 09:20 a.m. at Dongducheon Station (the northern end of Line 1, right before Soyosan. From Dongducheon, the group will transfer to a (railway) train to Sintan-ri (about 50 minutes train ride), the last station in the southern part of the DMZ at the foot of the mountain.
In order to make it to Dongducheon in time for the meetup by metro (on the Navy-Blue Line 1), you will have to catch one of the following subway trains bound for Soyosan which stops
at cityhall subway station at 7:28, 7:57 a.m.,
at Jongro3ga at 7:33, 8:02,
at Seokkye at 7:53, 8:22,
at Changdong at 8:03, 8:32,
at Dobongsan 8:10, 8:39
and arriving at Dongducheon at 8:45, 9:14 a.m. respectively. All this time table is set for line 1 only extensioned to Soyosan or Dongducheon.

Note it takes 72 minutes on Line 1 from Jongno 3 ga to Dongducheon (Yes, bring your favourite book or a best friend who doesn't bore you). You can check the transit times from other stations at:

REGISTRATION: If you would like to participate on this hike, please send an email to sihclub@gmail.com  by Friday noon with your full name, nationality and contact details. 

SICH RECOMMENDS that participants 
--wear proper hiking shoes
--pack their stuff in a plastic (ziploc) bag
--dress for a range of possible weather conditions (raincoat,  waterproof hiking jacket, extra pair of
socks, T-shirt, hat, scarf, gloves, etc.)
--bring some light snacks (like sandwiches and fruits) and a bottle of water 

CANCELLATION POLICY: SIHC does not cancel hikes due to inclement weather. Coordinators of the hikes will go to the meeting place and try to arrange an alternative activity (like a safer walk) if hiking is not possible. Participants are not obligated to attend the changed schedule. 







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