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Seoul Intl Hikers-Railroad Park, Choansan, Sat 7 Mar 2020, Nowon-gu, Seoul

DATE: Saturday 07 March 2020
TIME: Meet at 10AM (duration of hike 10am to 1:30pm)
COST: No particpation fee / Each person will pay for her/his meal after the hike (optional - W10,000-W20,000)
VENUE: Meet just out of ticket bar inside Hwarangdae Station (Line 6, Stop 646)

DESCRIPTION:  This coming Saturday, Seoul International Hikers will go for a stroll along Railroad Park (used to be Seoul and Chuncheon line) and on Choansan, a small mountain with an old eunuch's village and tombs. The group will start from Hwarangdae station on line 6, stroll along the railroad to Wolgye station on line 1, pass railroad park and go up to the trail winding up the small mountain and move toward Changdong station on line 1 or 4. The hike will take about 3 hours, covering about 8 kilometers.

REGISTRATION: If you would like to join this hike, please send an email to sihclub@gmail.com  by Friday 3PM. Please provide your full name and basic contact information (home/work/mobile phone numbers) in your email.

SIHC RECOMMENDS that participants on all hikes
--pack their stuff in a plastic (ziploc) bag
--dress for a range of possible weather conditions (raincoat,  waterproof hiking jacket, extra pair of socks, T-shirt, hat, scarf, gloves, etc.)
--bring some light snacks (like sandwiches and fruits) and a bottle of water

CANCELLATION POLICY: SIHC does not cancel hikes due to inclement weather. Coordinators of the hikes will go to the meeting place and try to arrange an alternative activity (like a safer walk) if hiking is not possible. Participants are not obligated to attend the changed schedule. 




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