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Seoul Intl Hikers-Ansan Hike, 24 Aug 2019, Seoul

DATE: Saturday 24 August 2019
TIME: 10:00 AM
COST: No particpation fee / Each person will pay for her/his meal after the hike (optional - W10,000-W20,000)
VENUE: Meet at Dongnimmun Station (Line 3, Stop 326) outside Exit 4.

DESCRIPTION:  This coming Saturday, Seoul International Hikers will explore a small Seoul mountain of 296 meters that still has preserved on it a pre-electricity-era communication device of a Seoul nearly forgotten. An-San is one of Seoul’s smaller mountains. From it one can see Seoul all spread out below you in the East. On top is a smoke signal station that served an older Seoul with fire and enemy alarms. When dangerous enemies approached, one to five signals were lit to communicate the threat level. One signal was lit in peacetime. Two when the enemy was spotted. Three if it approached. Four if they had crossed into the borders and five when battles were raging. The Ansan station is the 2nd to last in an impressive line of signal towers that stretched from almost the Chinese border to Namsan.

REGISTRATION: If you would like to participate on this hike, please send an email to sihclub@gmail.com  by Friday 5PM with your full name, nationality and contact details.  

SICH RECOMMENDS that participants on all hikes
--pack their stuff in a plastic (ziploc) bag
--dress for a range of possible weather conditions (raincoat,  waterproof hiking jacket, extra pair of
socks, T-shirt, hat, scarf, gloves, etc.)
--bring some light snacks (like sandwiches and fruits) and a bottle of water 

CANCELLATION POLICY: SIHC does not cancel hikes due to inclement weather. Coordinators of the hikes will go to the meeting place and try to arrange an alternative activity (like a safer walk) if hiking is not possible. Participants are not obligated to attend the changed schedule. 



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