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Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival, 26 Jul-1 Aug 2019, Jangheung-ro, Jeollanam-do

DATE: Friday 26 July - Thursday 01 August 2018
TIME: 10am-11pm
COST: Free
VENUE: Jangheung Tamjingang River and Pyeonbaek Cypress Forest Woodland, Jangheung-ro, Jeollanam-do

DESCRIPTION: The Janheung Jeongnamjin Water Festival (also called the Jeongnamjin Aqua Festival) is held each year around the end of July. Unlike conventional festivals with exhibits, performances and shows, the Jeongnamjin Water Festival aims to offer something different by having summer and water-themed events where visitors can enjoy a multitude of fun and exiciting summer games and activities.

- Opening Events (Release of minnows, opening remarks, laser & fireworks show)
- Main Events ('The biggest water fight,' natural medicinal herb healing pool, hand fishing)
- Exhibitions, Hands-On Programs, Contests
- Participation Programs for Local Residents and Tourists
- Participation Programs for Foreign Residents and Tourists (Friendship exchange for city residents and tourists, professional group performances)
- Related Programs (H2O Water Science Camp, Mom Mom Mom Festival)
*events subjec to change without notice

DIRECTIONS: From Seoul Central Bus Terminal, take an express bus bound for Jangheung (approx. 5hrs travel time). From Jangheung Bus terminal, take the Jangheung-Woodland bound bus. Get off at the Woodland bus stop (2 stops, approx. 10min). It is a 5-min walk from the bus stop to Pyeonbaek Forest Woodland.

INFO: 82-61-863-7071 or for help getting more information in English, 02-1330 (KTO helpline).
http://festival.jangheung.go.kr/http://festival.jangheung.go.kr/in Korean only.


Please visit: http://festival.jangheung.go.kr/

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