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Where to Find Various Products

Where to Find Various Prod...

The following is a compilation of information obtained through personal searches by those of us involved in korea4expats as well as questions asked and answered on the Forum.

Bed Sheets for beds purchased in Korea can be found in major department and discount stores, but they are pricey (from W100,000 to over W200,000). On-line shopping plazas may have them for as low as W30,000. Note that Korean sheets do not generally fit foreign mattresses.

Blinds, Curtains, Drapes, etc. can be purchased or ordered made-to-measure in Dongdaemun and at the Express Bus Terminal. There are two floors with a number of vendors above and below the flower market in the bus terminal. 

Blow Torch for Cooking can be found in a couple of the shops in Bangsan Market (Euljiro Subway Station). Look for shops where you can see baking pans, etc. through the window. Note: Just because you can't see it doesn't mean they don't stock it - ask the shopkeeper.

Fire Extinguisher/Smoke Alarm can be purchased cheaply online at (in Korean) as well as in some hardware stores, department stores and shops at Yongsan Electronics Market.

Outdoor Gear is generally of good quality and reasonably priced - that said, you'll want to shop around. Here are some locations where you can find camping and other outdoor gear.
Namdaemun, near Hoehyeon Station, stop 425, exit 4. There are alot of hiking stores around the outside of the market that sell all sorts of tramping stuff..novea gas bottles, tramping backs, clothes, utensils etc. 
Jong-no 5 Ga (stop 129) has a large selection of local and name brand outdoor shops, especially for technical gear. Many department stores also stock outdoor gear.

Persian Carpets are readily found in Korea at prices usually lower than in most Western countries. There are shops/vendors all over the country, including Itaewon. One of these (Persian Carpets) can be found on the 3rd floor of the Hamilton Hotel Shopping Mall.

Sunblock products are available in Korea. You can find them in the new-style (for Korean) drug stores such as Olive and Watson's. Foreign brand are available in the Namdaemum import market (look for the green awning that says import market near the flower market building).

Transformers 110V/120V can be found in most hardware stores, some department stores and Yongsan Electronics Market -in the stretch of shops by ET-Land, opposite and near all the lighting stores

Wallpaper and other home decorating/renovating products can be found in the various shops near the Euljiro 4-ga station, Exit 6.

Watch Batteries can be found in most watch stores (sales/repair). If you don't see any in your neighbourhood, you can find many in Namdaemun. There are also some in the Hamilton Mall in Itaewon. If you're in the downtown area of Seoul (near City Hall) there's a watch repair shop on the street behind City Hall on the right hand side of the street on the way to Seoul Finance Center).

Western Groceries/Brands can be found in supermarkets and small shops everywhere. (Scroll down below this page and click on Where To Find It Food Products for specific items). Some US brands are sold in 'black market' shops where no duty has been paid (however, that does not apply to all US brands - if there is a white label with Korean characters affixed to the product it's a legal import). With the increased available of foreign products as a result of the implementation of various Free Trade Agreements and the expansion of the Korean import market, the 'black market' shops are starting to disappear. European and other Asian products can be found in international shops and in many supermarkets, including those in the basement of department stores.

Xmas/Christmas Trees - both artificial and real can be found. The artificial ones are sold in many of the department stores, COSTCO, Xpress Bus Terminal, Flower Markets, etc.  Depending on the style and size they can run you between W80,000 and over W200,000. For live trees, go to Yangjae Flower Market (not far from COSTCO). Real trees are pricy but they can be found.

For specialty stores/shops visit the korea4expats Directory of recommended businesses and services.

Check our Forum - people go on the forum with questions re where to find various products. To see if your question has been asked/answered, go to the Forum and click on Advanced Search. Then type in the name.

K4E Editor: Korea4Expats wants to provide the most accurate and complete information possible, so if you noticed an error or omission in the contents above, please contact us at Things change very quickly so we don't expect that the lists will be totally accurate at all times - also, if you find something in one location today, it may not be available there next week (or vice-versa).

Last Updated on 2012-04-06

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