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This section is an accumulation of information from different sources, so if you've found something you think others would like to know about, please post it on our Forum. It will then make its way onto this list. Since things change very quickly in Korea, we apologise if the list below is out-of-date for some items. Also, although one may find a product in a particular location/store for a while, it may cease to be available - this applies to supermarkets as well as smaller shops (including foreign outlets).

Note that there are a number of shops stocking foreign brands in Itaewon (walk up the hill from the Fire Station/Dunkin'Donuts corner - don't just stop at the first International Market as there are a number of small shops around the corner on the way to the Mosque) as well as shops stocking US brands. Some of the fresh produce markets such as Garak Market stock fresh items you may not find elsewhere.

You may have to visit a number of different stores/markets before you can check off all/most of the items on your shopping list.

Basil, Mint and other fresh herbs can be found in the foreign markets as well as Garak Market. Some supermarkets also stock a few fresh herbs, including basil and mint - among them Kim's Club. 

Baking Stuff can be found in Bangsan Market at D&B 경훈공업 (all manners of decorating tips, baking pans, kitchen aid, ovens, etc); Saero (cake boxes, cupcake liners, ribbons, chocolate boxes, packaging for pastries, etc);  and websites such as Bake King (products include organic flour from Australia, liqueurs from France, Vanilla Oil, Cream of Tartar, Shortening, and more); Envelope and Total Package (wide selection of ribbons, lace and string for beautiful packaging, paper and plastic bags, gelato/jellycups, pre-cut cake pan liners, stickers, etc.) 

Butter - Unsalted can be found in a number of supermarkets including Kim's Club near Express Bus Terminal (Elle & Vire brand) as well as Lotte Mart (Lurpark). The Lurpak that is sold in the supermarkets are actually  "Slightly Salted" - Unsalted Lurpark has red on the packaging and is not so easy to find. However, Seoul Milk and Maeil brands produce unsalted butter that is sold in some supermarkets.  You have to look for the label at the back that says "100% 국산" which means 100% Made in Korea.  The other option is like 99.1% and that one is the salted one.  Lotte also has their version that you can find at Bangsan Market.  You can also find Anchor's unsalted butter at Bangsan Market. 

Coffee - Italian brands Segafredo and Illy coffee are available in some of the high end department stores in Seoul (Shinsegae, Hyundae, etc). Note that the price is higher than in many other countries. Decaf Illy beans can be found at the Marriott Hotel.
Donut/Coffee Shops can be found everywhere accross the country. Most are foreign (U.S.) brands with some uniquely Korean offerings. For all the Canadians, sorry, no Tim Horton's. Following are a few of your choices:

  • Doughnut Plant New York City advertises that it uses only organic ingredients. Popular in Korea are the green tea and green tea cream square, cream-filled donuts. Opened in November 2007, so far there is only the one Myong-dong location. You can check out their website (with a Korean friend) for more information:
    Dunkin Donuts has been around since the mid 1990's and they are everywhere, even in rural areas. There are about 500 shops nationwide. The shops have started offering 'healthy' donuts such as the 12-Grain Roll. For more info (in Korean)
    Krispy Kreme arrived in Korea in 2004. When you see the red 'Hot Now' neon sign lights up, you can get fresh, right out of the oven, donuts. For a list (in Korea) of Krispy Kreme shops accross the country, go to
    Mister Donut offers donuts similar in texture to the traditional Korean rice cakes 'ddeok'. For more info on this chain, visit (Korean-only)

Lactose Free Milk can be found at most department store supermarkets, including Shinsegae, Home Plus, Lotte Mart, etc. Denmark Milk has regular, low-fat and non-fat products that can be found in most supermarkets and that can also be home-delivered (02-793-1557)

Lard (animal based) is not sold retail in Korea, to our knowledge Crisco (vegetable base) in most supermarkets with international clientele, some large supermarket chains and U.S. imports ('black market')shops. 

Limes can be found in the International markets in Itaewon and sometimes Garak Market. Prices may be around 12,000 won for a 1.2 kilo bag and 15,000 won for 1.3 kilos - possibly a little lower at Garak if you buy in bulk.

Marshmallow Cream can be found in shops that sell US food products - for example in the 'import' market at Namdaemun (look for green plastic awning near flower market building), Dany's next to the Volvo building in Hannam-dong, and other similar outlets. 

Vietnamese Products, including Coffee can be ordered online through (site is in Korean and Vietnamese). Vietnamese speakers can telephone 010 9139 4738. 


Check our Forum - people go on the forum with questions re where to find various products. To see if your question has been asked/answered, go to the Forum and click on Advanced Search. Then type in the name.

K4E Editor: Korea4Expats wants to provide the most accurate and complete information possible, so if you noticed an error or omission in the contents above, please contact us at Things change very quickly so we don't expect that the lists will be totally accurate at all times - also, if you find something in one location today, it may not be available there next week (or vice-versa). 

Photo by Gerry Chew


Last Updated on 2013-06-04

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