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What To Bring - Teachers, Workers

What To Bring - Teachers, ...

The following is in addition to the What to Bring With You list in this section (scroll down this page to click on that topic page).

MONEY: if you’re coming as an English teacher or factory worker, etc. make sure to bring enough cash with you to cover your needs for at least 6-8 weeks at least the equivalent of W700,000 or W1 million (U$700 to U$1,000). Your employer may not pay you as early as previously indicated and even if you are paid in full at the end of four weeks (if you started at the first of the month) you may need to purchase supplies (cooking utensils, etc.) for your apartment, over and above food etc. It’s also a good idea to have access to back-up funds (credit card or access to an ATM in your home country) in case the job doesn’t work out and you have to leave in a hurry. NB: if your employer has provided you with housing, you will lose it the moment you lose/quit your job.
TOWELS are available in all departments store and the big markets in Korea, but the housing your employer provides may not be equipped with any or they may be the size of a tea/dish towel. Bring at least one with you in your allowed baggage.  It is now possible to buy bath towels now, but they are expensive.
It is increasingly possible to get almost everything you’ll need in Korea, albeit at a higher price than you may be used to. The brands may be unfamiliar and it may take you some time to find equivalent products. The Korea4Expats Forum can help you out before you come to Korea and while you’re here.  
K4E Editor: This list is intended as a guide only. Please feel free to visit our forum if you have any suggestions to make or items to add. We try to make the information on as accurate and complete as possible, so should you note any errors or omissions in the information above, please contact us at

Last Updated on 2011-02-06

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