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Types of Taxis in Seoul

Types of Taxis in Seoul

General taxies (Ilban/일반 택시) are increasingly orange (Seoul government would like to see all regular taxis be orange - along the lines of yellow cabs in New York) although there are still come in grey, white and other colours. A few years ago the orange taxis were known as 'foreigners or international' taxis and drivers were required to pass a language test in English, Chinese or Japanese. The service ended in 2013 and since then the orange taxi has been designated as 'Seoul's Signature Taxi'.  Many people still refer to the regular taxi as 'grey taxis'.
Getting a general taxi is usually very easy: Yellow-canopied taxi stands are typically located near busy bus or subway stops. Where there is a taxi stand you are expected to stand in line. Elsewhere, you just hail the taxi from the street. You can hail a taxi on the street by holding your arm out parallel to the street and waving your hand up and down.  
Click here for information on fares. Note that fares goes up after certain hours and that there is a fee if the taxi is idling, etc.

Hermes Outlet Deluxe Taxies, called "mobeom/모범택시" in Korean, are black with a yellow sign on the top and the words "Deluxe Taxi" written on the side. They claim to offer a higher standard of service than the general taxies – however, other than being better upholstered, most expats see little difference between the ‘black’ taxies and the ‘grey/orange’ ones. Deluxe taxies are usually allowed to park in front of hotels and they are the ones hotel staff will call for guests. However, you can ask for a ‘grey’ or 'ilban' taxi (they are usually parked just out of sight of the hotel) and the staff will get you one.
Getting a deluxe taxi is very simple. Deluxe taxi stands are located at hotels, bus and subway stations, as well as bus terminals. Black taxies can also be hailed on major city streets. Alternatively, you can call 02-1566-3030 or 02-3431-5100 (you may need the help of a Korean friend as the operators don’t always speak English). A called deluxe taxi will not charge anything over the metered fare.
Click here for information on fares. Note that fares goes up after certain hours and that there is a fee if the taxi is idling, etc.

Jumbo Taxis can take up to 8 passengers and cost the same as deluxe taxis. They are black as well with a yellow strip. 
Call Vans look very much like jumbo taxis but they are meant to carry freight/goods not people. As such they don't have a meter. A call van should have VAN or CALL VAN on it as opposed to JUMBO.

Call taxis: While most taxis are flagged it is possible to 'call' a taxi. An additional W1000 will be added to the total fare (international taxi may be exception). Call taxi operators, especially for regular taxis, may be unilingual Korean.
Grey Taxis:  KindCall (1588-3382) NaviCall (1599-8255) NCall (1688-2255) S Taxi (1577-0115) and also 1588-0082, K-Taxi:02-303-0012, Hana Deluxe Taxi - 1588-2255
Deluxe Taxis – 02-3431-5100
Jumbo Taxi 02-888-2000
Seoul Call Taxi for Disabled Persons 1588-4388

Kakao Taxis are similar to "Uber" and are increasingly popular in Korea, including with foreign nationals who speak little or not Korean. The taxi will find you if you have GPS on your Korean phone and the free app can be downloaded quite easily.  For a 'how to use/download' see this blog or check here (translations provided). The app also provides directions on how to use Kakao T and works on both android and IOS phones. There is no additional charge for using the Kakao app.  For your security, you will see the driver's picture and the car as well as the current location of the car and where it's coming from. Payment can often be made in cash or via Apple Pay or Paypal.

Payment for all the above with cash, credit card, T-money and additionally for Kakao, KakaoPay.

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