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Garbage Bags, Seoul

Garbage Bags, Seoul

Only standardised garbage bags can be used to dispose of thrash in many Korean cities.  

Trash bags specific to a certain area are the only ones that will be picked up by garbage collectors. You pay for your trash collection through the purchase of these special trash bags. The bags come in various color and sizes and are specific to the various districts/areas of the city: 

  •   Residential Use (in Yongsan)*

     - White bags in 5, 10, 20 and 50 liter sizes.

      - Yellow bags in 3, 5 and 10 liter sizes, for wet garbage only (apparently these are not required in large apartment complexes.). In residential areas, the city has provided covered pails in which the wet bags should be placed. (Note: in some areas of the city, the wet bags may be green).

  •  Commercial or Public Use (in Seoul):

     -Orange bags in 20,50 and 100 liter sizes for businesses

     - Light Blue bags in 50, 70 and 100 liter sizes for public use.

* Colours may vary from one district to another. For example, according to a resident of Daejo-dong (near Bulgwang Station) the regular garbage bags are orange and the wet (food) bags are purple.

You can purchase the various sizes/colors at most local grocery and convenience stores. They must be purchased locally since each area has its own coded bags. Trash collectors will refuse to pick up bags from another district or trash that is not in the required bag. 

If you have difficulty finding the 'legal' bags, here are their Korean names: The ones use for regular trash  ones are called Sseulaegi Bongtu (쓰 레 기 봉 투), while the ones use for food are called Eum-shik-mool Sseulaegi Bongtu (음식물 쓰레기 봉투)Recyclables and garbage bags should be placed outside between 19:00 and 23:00 - no earlier. Non-compliance can result in a fine of up to W300,000.

Most large apartment complexes will have marked boxes into which you must place your recyclables and trash bags.

For info on recycling, scroll below and click on Recycling Your Garbage or Waste. 

IMPORTANT: Rules and regulations regarding garbage disposal can vary from one district to another. Sot it's best you check with your realtor and/or property owner/manager regarding the rules in your particular area.

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Last Updated on 2021-11-11

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