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Temporary WiFi Options

Temporary WiFi Options

If you're visiting Korea and looking for temporary Wi-Fi access or if you want to be able to use your computer anywhere, without having to try and get around the Korean (citizen) ID number requirement in some venues, etc., here are some options you may find meet your needs. 

1. Prepaid Card/Receipt (이용권yi yong kwon
Where to get: Can be purchased at convenience stores. There are  two types: card or receipt. Some stores (7Eleven in Seoul) offer both the card and receipt options, while others (C&U, Mini Stop, GS25, Buy the Way, etc. around Korea) offer only the receipt type. You can see a picture of each one on this Korean only website

Cost (including VAT):
W3,300 for one day
W9,900 for 4 days

How to use:  Find SSID “Olleh WiFi". Connect to Olleh WiFi AP (SSID). Register the prepaid card.
Service Area: Olleh Wifi Zone in Korea
Info: Call KT (local area code)-100,114 (Ex. Seoul 02-100)

2. SK Portable WiFi  (99mm*55mm) / (86mm*86mm)
Where to get: This option is available to tourists and other non-residents. Can be rented at Incheon International Airport (SK Roaming Center, 1st Floor, between gates #6 and #7 as well as other airports including Gimpo, Jeju and Gimhae (note that the supply is limited in these smaller airports and there may not be any available.)
The SK office in Seoul at Euljiro mainly takes returns as opposed to doing rentals.
Address: Pine Avenue B-dong 4F, 203 Eoljiro 2 ga, Junggu, Seoul (서울 중구 을지로2가 203번지 파인애비뉴 B동 4층) Tel: 02-1599-0011

Hours: Incheon International Airport 24/7.

Deposit: W100,000.
Rental fee: W3,000/day (may be waived for rental over 6 days)
Data fee: W5,000/day (500MB/day)
Fine for damage/loss: W200,000

Required: Passport, Credit Card

3. KT Wibro
This option is available to visitors (no Alien Registration Card required)
Place to get rental service: Incheon International Airport (1st Floor Gate #8, 1st Floor Gate #10) and Gimpo Airport
Hours: Gate 8 - 7:00~20:00  / Gate 10 - 24/7
Required: Passport, Credit Card
If using a credit card, no deposit. A copy/print of your card will be taken.
If not using a credit card, a deposit of W200,000 cash is required.
Rental Fee: W8,000/day (includes limitless data fee)
If renting for more than 11 days, 50% discount.
Tel: 032-952-2099 (English service available)
Visit Olleh Plaza or call 100 (Olleh Call Center)

4. WiFi Zone Service (TwiFi Service)
This option is not available to visitors (ARC-Alien Registration Card ID or Korean ID number required)
W7,500 won/month
Info: T Roaming center: 1599-2011 (English service available)

NOTE 1: For online registrations, please note that you may be required to download ActiveX. (For more information see the K4E Information page on the ActiveX Plug-in). It is now possible to access the sites via Google Chrome, but because that doesn't allow pop-ups, you likely won't be able to get, or even see, all the information. It is easier to work the above sites if you enter via Internet Explorer. Also, while there is English on some of the sites, only a fraction of the information is available in English.
NOTE 2: Foreign residents may be required to already have an account with one of the major telephone companies (be a member) to be able to get additional services such as 'portable/temporary' WiFi.

K4E Editor: We try to make the information on Korea4Expats.com as complete and accurate as possible, so if you notice any errors or omissions in the content above, please let us know at info@korea4expats.com.

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