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Rice Cooker Functions Translation

 Rice Cookers will vary one from the other in terms of what they do and what options they offer the user. Following is a list of options from one of Korea's most popular rice cookers.


예약: Set end time/Delayed start

시/시간:  Hour

분: Minute

취소: Cancel

모드: Mode(Settings)

메뉴: Menu (Settings)

찰진밥: Sticky rice

백미: Glutinous (White rice cooking)

일반밥: Boiled rice

현미:  Brown rice

잡곡: Boiled rice and cereals

누룽지: Scorched rice (Nurungji)

갈비찜: Glutinous (White rice cooking)Steamed short ribs (Galbi Jim)

케이크: Cake

죽: Porridge

이유식: Baby food

보온: Keep warm

가열: Heat up

재가열: Re-heat 

불림: Soaking (soak rice in the water)

백미쾌속: Quick white rice cooking 

쾌속: Turbo

취사: Cook

쌀컵수: Cups of rice

물높이: Water level

앞으로 당기면 빠집니다. 깨끗이 씻은다음 끼워 사용하십시오: Pull it out to clean it. Wash before using. 

The above is based on the Woongjin Cuckoo and Cuchen rice cookers.

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Last Updated on 2015-04-13

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