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There are also a few schools in Seoul where the language of instruction is other than English. The regulations regarding eligibility are the same as for English-language international/foreign schools as outlined by the Korean Ministry of Education..

Candidates  for admission to international/foreign schools must meet at least one of the following four conditions:
1. At least one of the student's parents must have citizenship in a country other than the Republic of Korea (South Korea) as verified by an Alien Registration Card and Korean Family Registry*, or
2. The student must have lived overseas for no less than 3 years (1,095 days) as verified by the "Entry and Exit Certificate" issued by the Korean immigration department
3. The student, who maintains intial enrollement eligibility, is currently enrolled at an accredited international school in Korea.
4. A student transferring from another r international school in Korea must satisfy the above requirement as well.
*A person with dual nationalities is deemed to be Korean if one of those nationalities is Korean under Korean law if  including that of Korea (whether a parent or child) is deemed as Korean under Korean law. 

RATIO Korean/Foreign students
The Korean Ministry of Education mandates that 70% of students in international/foreign schools must be foreign nationals.

Chinese Elementary School  - Choryange-dong, 051-467-0274  
Chinese Residents Middle and High School - Choryange-dong, 051-467-0275     
Japanese School  - Millak-dong , 051-753-4166

Chinese Residents Elementary School -  Gyohyeon 1-dong, Chungju,  043-847-2656
Chinese Residents Elementary School  - Junganglo 2-GA,  Jecheon,  043-644-1579

Chinese Residents Elementary School -  Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju,  043-274-2204

Chinese Residents Elementary School  - Bongmyeong-dong, Cheonan,  041-572-8061
Onyang Chinese Residents Elementary School  - Yonghwa-dong, Ahsan,  041-545-7595

Chinese School -  Nam-gu, 051-471-1422 

Chinese Residents Elementary School -  Wonju City,  033-764-4846

Chinese Residents Elementary School -  Chuncheon, 033-254-5196

Eyjeongbu Chinese  Elementary School -  Uijeongbu,  031-829-3481

Chinese Resident Elementary School - Jung-gu,   032-772-353 
Chinese Resident Middle and High School - Jung-gu,  032-772-3615

Chinese Residents Elementary School  - Myeongsan-dong, Gunsan, 063-462-2807

Chinese Primary School – Myeong-dong ,  02-776-1688
Chinese Middle and High School – Yeongdeungpo, 02-334-7217
Deutsche Schule Seoul International – Hanam-dong, 02-792-0797 (German & English)
Japanese School – Mapo-gu, 02-308-2010 
Lycee Francais de Seoul – Bangbae-dong, 02-535-1158
Lycee International Xavier – Jongno-gu, 02-396-7688
International Mongolia School - Gwangjang-dong, 02-3437-7078

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Last Updated on 2016-11-07

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