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Moving Within Korea

If you are moving within the same city or from city to another within Korea, the move will be a lot simpler than if you are leaving the country. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. You must report your new address to the district (gu) office no later than two weeks after you have moved. Immigration takes a dim view of non or late-reporting. Fines may be imposed based on the length of the delay.

2. A number of moving companies and/or bongo (blue) trucks can help move your belongings. For companies with English speakers see the movers listed in our Directory  or you can check local 'bongo' trucks via your cell phone.  (if you don't speak/read Korean, you will need help from a Korean friend or colleague). Depending on where you live (high rise vs villa, etc), you might also consider using a ladder-lift truck with a platform that moves your belongings out of a window and lowers them to the truck below. The contact process is the same as for bonggo-trucks.

3. Getting an estimate in advance will reduce the possibility of a price shock on the day of the move. While it can be inconvenient, you will want to get more than one quotation in writing. The quote should be based on the company coming to your home and preparing the quote based on what you are actually moving. Companies have been known to revise their estimate at the start of the move or event in the middle, so having them see what's involved in advance and giving a written estimate will reduce the probability of running into that problem.

4. Establish with the moving company exactly what services they will be providing. Korean movers will often do all your packing and then unpack for you in the new location. Those services would be included in the quote. You can determine what you do or do not want them to do vis-a-vis packing and unpacking.

5. Before moving out of your current residence,  you will need to pay the final utility bills. On the day of the move or the day before, call up the gas, electricity and water companies to report the amount of consumption you see on the meter, and they will tell you the total amount of money you owe. Since there is usually a time lag of one month before you are billed, you will have to arrange with the next tenant or the landlord so that you can pay your portion of the bill the next month. For the phone numbers of utility companies and other public service organizations, check your directory or look online. Your realtor can also provide you with that information and event take care of some of these details for you.

6. The telephone and internet services can be transferred to your new residence if you are moving within the same general area (does not apply if you are moving from one area in Korea to another).

7. The post office will forward your mail to your new address for three months free of charge.  To have your mail forwarded to your new address, you can go to any post office with your ID (AR)card. Tell the counter staff that you want  주소이전신청서비스 (Joo so iee jeon service). S/he will then check your current (or old) address on your ID - ARC (card). Doing so online is not yet an option for foreign nationals. 

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