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If you've lost your belongings or have left them in a taxi, subway train, etc. it's highly likely that  someone will have turned it in - either to the police or to another lost & found location. Cash may be missing (not always) but there's a good chance your wallet,  credit cards, cell phone, house keys, or even your pet will be returned directly to you or to an official of some kind.

1. Call or visit the places where you may have lost the item.

2. If you’ve lost your passport, notify your embassy or consulate immediately. If you've lost your ARC or other official documents from the Korean government, report the loss and get them replaced right away as well.

3. If you’ve lost traveler's checks or credit cards, report this loss to the agency that issued them to you as soon as possible. If you’re not certain how to do that in Korea, go to a local bank and someone there will help you.

4. If you purchased traveler's insurance, you can receive help by calling the phone number indicated on your insurance or by calling AEA International Korea Ltd. If you reported your loss to the police or to the lost & found center, don't forget to keep the police report or a copy documenting the incident so that you can use it to claim damages later.

5. There’s an Internet site ( where you can report detailed information on your lost items and where you can search for information on found items.There's a message board where you can post your message and there are often photographs if you're looking. The service is free of charge and available in Korean, Japanese and English - although you may find there's more response or a higher probably of finding your item if your message is posted in Korean.

6. The following Daegu Provincial Police Agency Lost/Found number may also be helpful, although you may not always be able to find an English-Speaker: Tel: 182.  Daegu Police Agency has a website with information in English.            

7. Items left in Taxis:
You can contact the taxi owner (sometimes the same as the driver) if you asked for a receipt before exiting the cab. On the receipt is the owner's telephone number as well as other information identifying the vehicle. You will likely need a Korean speaker to help you. 
If you don't have a receipt with the driver/owner's number, you can contact the Independent Taxi Association. Tel: 053-765-8500~2. Service in Korean only.

8. Items left on a Subway/metro Train:
The Daegu Metro Lost and Found Center is located at the Banwoldang Station, Exit #1,2 Direction / B2. Hours: 05:00-24:00. Tel: 053-640-3333. Giving the train number, time you got off, car number/section will making the search for you lost item easier. Bring your ID card with you to the center. You will need help from a Korean-speaker.

9. Items left on a Daegu City Bus:
Visit the city bus lost and found board. The website is in Korean only. 

12.  Items left on Korail Trains
Korail does not have a central Lost and Found center.  Each station has designated staff to handle lost and found items. Train crew members usually take belongings left on the train to the train's final destination.Contact the Korail Information Center (Tel: 1544-7788) and tell them the date, train number as where you got on/off and they will then give you the telephone number for the contact station. While it is possible there may be an English speaker available, it is recommended to have a Korean speaker help you.

NOTE that you may need help from a Korean speaker when contacting the above organisations. You can try contacting KTO's helpine at 1330 for assistance getting information in English.

K4E Editor: tries to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and complete, so should you notice any errors or omissions in the content above please contact us at


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