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Long Distance Calls from Korea

Long Distance Calls from K...

Making a Long Distance Call from Korea: Dial 001 before the number you are calling.

Long Distance cost savings can be obtained through the following options (among others): International Telephone Calling Cards can be purchased in convenience stores and special phone card shops of which there are many in Itaewon. When you purchase the card you pay a little less than the printed price and to use, you just dial the number on the card to connect to the line and then the number you wish to reach. It’s very simple and inexpensive. It is important to check a few things when buying a phone card, among them whether or not that card charges by increments or by time used. Some card companies charge by increments of 3 minutes, for example, which means that even if you only spoke for 2 minutes, you will have 3 minutes deducted from your time. Also check on the cost for the call to the country you are contacting. Charges differ from one Card Company to the other and rates vary for different countries, so do shop around. Note: It is also possible to subscribe to a service though which you can make your long distance calls.
magicJack is a plug-and-play USB device that is not much larger than a box of matches and weighs less than an ounce (25 grams). For less than US$20 a year, magicJack lets you make and receive unlimited calls to the USA and Canada. Plus, you get your own US phone number with an area code of your choice.  It is easy to use, has great voice quality, and takes minutes to register and self-install. magicJack includes other convenient features like voicemail, callerID, call waiting, and call forwarding*. You can also call anywhere else in the world for as little as $0.02/minute. magicJack is only $39.95 (plus S/H) and includes your first year of service free.
Skype allows you to call a landline in Canada or the U.S. for pennies a minute via your computer. You can download free off the Internet. If the other person has a computer the call is free, and the call quality is amazing. All you need is one of those headsets with the microphone attached.
VoIP service (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make and receive calls through your pre-existing high-speed broadband Internet connection using your existing home phone. Companies such as Vonage converts sound into data, sends it over the Internet, and converts it back into sound at the other end. The person you're calling doesn't need to have Vonage or an Internet connection on their side, they just need a phone and your phone rings when someone calls you. Using Vonage doesn't affect your computer use. Costs about USD25.00/month (excluding special rate offers).  It's also possible to get VoIP service. VOIP service providers in Korea offer broadband telephone services that include local Korean telephone numbers. This is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to landlines in Korea.
0044 Free Call: There's a free android app 0044 that reportedly allows international calls for the cost of a local cell phone call. (feedback is mixed on the service).

Public telephones are few and far between in this country where almost everyone has a cell phone and when they can be found, they generally require phone cards. However, those that do use coins, accept 50 and 100 won coins. Note: If you’re stuck needing a phone and there isn’t a coin one around, a passing stranger will happily let you use her/his cell phone - All cellphone calls within Korea are billed as long distance.

Making telephone calls in Korea is basically the same as in most other countries. There are, however, some possible differences you may want to bear in mind:
1. When you make a call from your cell phone it’s like making a long distance call, you have to always put the area code. For example when calling a local Seoul number that you would dial directly from your home phone (793-5555) you would dial 02-793-5555 from your cell phone.
2. There are actually 555 numbers in Korea.
3. When giving your home or cell number to someone from outside Korea to call you, you have to drop the ‘0’ so the number become 2-793-5555 or 10-222-5555 rather the local use 010-222-5555.
4. Calls to U.S. military numbers fall outside the regular calling pattern – you usually have to dial 0505 and then the number when trying to reach a number on one of the Seoul installations – always a good idea to check with the person to confirm the number to use when calling from off post.

Korean Area Codes:
Busan (051)
Chungcheongbuk-do (043)
Chungcheongnam-do (041)
Daejeon (042)
Daegu (053)
Gangwon-do (033)
Gwangju (062)
Gyeonggi-do (031)
Gyeongsangbuk-do (054)
Gyeongsangnam-do (055)
Incheon (032)
Jeju (064)
Jeollanam-do (061)
Jeollabuk-do (063)
Seoul (02)
Ulsan (052)

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