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Learning Korean Online

Learning Korean Online

There are a great number of websites and blogs that deal with learning the Korean language. Some have been created by Korean individuals and institutions (primarily government sites) while others are the work of foreign nationals who have learned the language. Following are some of the websites and blogs you may find useful*.


The following two online Korean language learning options are supporters of Korea4Expats.com

1. KoreanClass101.com - Stop by this site for some free podcasts ranging from beginner to advanced levels of difficulty, or get a premium membership for more learning resources. Note that even for the free lessons, you will have to register as member. (K4E Note: This program has an affiliation with K4E and more information can be found in the K4E Directory.

2. CLT/Diane's Easy Korean Language SKYPE Language/Culture Classes teach Korean in an easy and practical way. Learn the basic communication phrases and words that will make it so much easier to adapt to life in Korea. See also CLT's K4E Directory page.

3. Learn Korean Fast With Beeline Language Korean, an online video program that teaches everyday conversational Korean through situated learning over three levels. With 100’s of structured video lessons, you’ll learn the Korean you need to know to communicate on a daily basis while living and working in Korea. Learn expressions, vocabulary, and all about the Korean culture. Simply watch and learn. 

4. Online Sogang Korean Program - Sogang University offers fun interactive lessons in an all-in-one program that starts with the Korean alphabet and advances to an intermediate level.. 

5My Language Exchange - Through this site you can find a language exchange partner to help you practice your Korean via emails and  voice and text chatting. There are Korean registered here who want to learn English, but also some interesed in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, etc.

6. Popjisyo - Use this site to get pop up translations of the words on Korean websites.

7. Hanghoul - Your Korean language skills determine your success in the game.Kill zombies, learn Korean!

8. Talk To Me In Korean - Website with lessons uploaded on to YouTube, often includes interesting cultural information, TTMIK has books for learning Korean and also offers live online contact with Korean language teacher.

9. Korea Times - Free Korean lessons given in five languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian and Vietnamese) The website provides Korean language lectures through which foreigner learners can build the basics of the language by learning the Korean alphabet, consonants, vowels, pronunciation and grammar - in their own language.

1. Transparent Language Korean Blog - Frequent updates with information on places worth visiting in Korean as well as Korean language tips.

2. Korean Language Notes  - Reflections on the Korean language by Gerry Bevers, otherwise known for being fired from his job for having a dissenting view on Dokdo.

K4E Note:   If you know of any additional sites you think should be included above, add, please let us know at info@korea4expats.com.

Last Updated on 2017-01-11

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