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By Bus from Jeollanam-do

By Bus from Jeollanam-do

Types of bus service: Fast and reliable bus services operate on expressways throughout the country, connecting almost all major (and minor) points. At bus terminals, there are generally two types of buses: Express (고속, Gosok) and Intercity (시외, Sioe) buses. Each bus will show either Gosok or Sioe plus the destination (city). Bus terminals with the word ‘Jonghap’(종합) provide both types of buses while others will have will have either Gosok and Sioe buses.
Express (Gosok) buses run on expressways and usually go directly to the destination city. They do stop at a rest area along the way.  Gosok buses stop at a rest area but seldom make a stop-over in a city other than its destination. There are two kinds of express buses: regular express  (일반) buses and deluxe express (우등) buses. The latter offers a higher standard of service; there are spacious seats and other facilities such as mobile phones and VCR’s.
Intercity (Sioe) buses are either regular ( 일반 Ilban), which makes a number of stops along the way,  or straight (직행 Jikaeng), which agoes straight to the destination city. The sign on the front of the non-stop buses reads Mujeongcha (무정차) or ‘Jikaeng’ (직행). Sioe buses are generally the same - no class distinction. However, seats on late-night buses are usually wider. They also cost a little more.

Fares/Schedules are provided by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) at 02-729-9498 or the KTO Call Center 061-1330.

Tickets: There is no integrated ticketing system in Korea. Tickets are purchased at the individual line's ticket counters. The gate is usually shown on the ticket.

South Jeolla Province (Jeollanam-do) Bus Terminals (in alphabetical order)
Info KTO Call Center 061-1330/02-1330
Websites other than Express Central are Korean only
Unless Express or Intercity indicated, terminal has both types of buses

Beolgyo Bus Terminal (벌교종합버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Boseong-gun Beolgyo-eup Hoejeong-ri 432
Boseong Bus Terminal (보성공용터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Boseong-gun Boseong-eup Wonbong-ri 5-1
Damyang Passenger Bus Terminal (담양여객버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Damnyang-gun Damnyang-eup Jichim-ri 132-17
Gangjin Bus Terminal (강진버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Gangjin-gun Gangjin-eup Pyeongdong-ri 167-1
Goheung Bus Terminal (고흥공용버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Goheung-gun Goheung-eup Seomun-ri 218-11
Gokseong Bus Terminal (곡성버스터미널), Intercity buses, Address: Jeollanam-do Gokseong-gun Gokseong-eup Eumnae-ri 244-4
Gurye Bus Terminal (구례버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Gurye-gun Gurye-eup Bongnam-ri 1
Gwangyang Bus Terminal (광양공용버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Gwangyang-si Gwangyang-eup Indong-ri 413
Jangheung Bus Terminal (장흥공용버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Jangheung-gun Jangheung-eup Geonsan-ri 382
Jangseong Bus Terminal (장성공용버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Jangseong-gun Jangseong-eup Yeongcheon-ri 931
Jido Bus Terminal (지도공용버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Sinan-gun Jido-eup Eumnae-ri 290-1
Jindo Bus Terminal (진도공용터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Jindo-gun Jindo-eup Namdong-ri 782-1
Jungma Bus Terminal (중마버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Gwangyang-si Jung-dong 1732-2 
Haenam Bus Terminal (해남종합버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Haenam-gun Haenam-eup Hae-ri 401
Hampyeong Bus Terminal (함평공용터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Hampyeong-gun Hampyeong-eup Gigak-ri 988-1
Mokpo Bus Terminal (목포종합버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Mokpo-si Sang-dong 220
Muan Bus Terminal (무안버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Muan-gun Muan-eup Seongdong-ri 873-11 
Naju Bus Terminal (나주버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Naju-si Jungang-dong 95-2
Nokdong Bus Terminal (녹동버스공용터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Goheung-gun Doyang-eup Bongam-ri 1613-1 
Suncheon Bus Terminal (순천종합버스터미널), Address:  Jeollanam-do Suncheon-si Jangcheon-dong 18-22
Wando Bus Terminal (완도버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Wando-gun Wando-eup Gaepo-ri 1230
Yeongam Bus Terminal (영암터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Yeongam-gun Yeongam-eup Nampung-ri 4-1
Yeonggwang Bus Terminal (영광버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Yeonggwang-gun Yeonggwang-eup Sinha-ri 10-1
Yeocheon Bus Terminal (여천터미널) , Express buses, Address: Jeollanam-do Yeosu-si Seonwon-dong 52-5
Yeosu Bus Terminal (여수공용버스터미널), Address: Jeollanam-do Yeosu-si Orim-dong 390
Yeongsanpo Bus Terminal (영산포공용터미널), Express buses, Address: Jeollanam-do Naju-si Ichang-dong 191

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Image: Gurye Bus Terminal


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