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By Bus From Incheon Airport

By Bus  From Incheon Airport

From Incheon International Airport, arrivals have a number options to get from the airport into Seoul or the surrounding area - train, taxis and buses. The trip from the airport to 'downtown' Seoul takes a bit more than an hour (70 minutes give or take). There are also some companies operating buses between Incheon International Airport and some additional cities. 

BUS OPTIONS: There are two types of airport buses: deluxe and standard. 
Airport limousine buses are a cost-effective  and comfortable (reclining seats and spacious leg room) way to go from Incheon International Airport to almost all parts of Seoul including a number of hotels. The limousine bus companies operate non-stop or shortened routes to major hotels and other destinations in or near Seoul.. Standard buses tend be more crowded with smaller space and make more stops. They also cost a bit less than limousine buses.

SCHEDULE: The frequency of buses depend on the company and/or the route. The Incheon International Airport website offers information on bus routes/schedules (but in Korean only). Night bus (24:00–03:50)information is available in English, however.

 Deluxe Limousine Bus:
To Gimpo International Airport: ~W7,500
To downtown Seoul: W4,000 - W16,000

Standard Limousine Bus:
To Gimpo International Airport & Songjeong Station: ~W5,000
To downtown Seoul: W9,000 - W10,000

TICKETS: There are ticket booths on the Arrivals level - next to Gates 4 and 9 inside the arrival floor (1F) and outside the terminal next to Gates 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 9C. There's also an Information Desk on the st Floor where one can get bus information, usually (but not always) in Englsh, Japanese or Chinese.
On some flights, it's also possible to purchase tickets for a KAL Limousine Bus before landing (at a discount). Tickets are issued with an attached receipt.

GETTING THE BUS: Your ticket will include your bus stop location number and other important details. Bus platform/stop number are clearly marked but are not necessarily found in chronological order but its location is usually indicated on your ticket. On your ticket your destination will be given in Korean. Your bus platform is shown also - 
The number is the Gate/Door number while the letter A = Left side while the letter B = Right side. For the example above 11A on your ticket means the stop is to the left of Gate 11. The signage at the terminal bus stop shows stops in English and Korean as well as upcoming bus times.

Luggage will be stored under the Limousine Bus and you will be given a claim ticket you will be asked to give to the driver when you arrive at your destination and claim your luggage. Bus stops are announced in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese on the bus. The bus driver will also sometimes ask for your destination. Some drivers speak English, but a number do not, or don't appear to. Some drivers are very good about helping passengers carry hand luggage on board (a small luggage area is available on the bus).


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