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Some immigrations documents can be filed on-line at Minwon 24 or E-government for foreigners, at no charge. Note that both of these sites require that you download Active X.  For some, however, you must visit an immigration office in person. As of 2011, local government offices (Eup, Myeon, and Dong) can issue some immigration-related certificates.  

Immigration 'helpline': In Korea, you can call 1345 (press 3 and then * for an English counsellor). No need to put in the area code, even from cell phones.

Immigration Office Locations: Following are a few locations.. For a more complete list, click on this government website*  See also attached document listing immigration offices in 16 districts around the country.
** Note that you may have to go through Internet Explorer and cut and paste the link:

Immigration Offices *
Office Telephone Location
Seoul 02-2650-6212~15 319-2, Sinjeong 6 (yuk)-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul
Subway: At Omokgyo (Mok-dong Stadium) Station exit 7. Go straight for about 10 minutes.
Incheon 032-890-6305~6 117, Hangdong 7 (chil)-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon
Bus: Take Incheon City Bus #3, #12 or #24 to Jungbu Police Station. 10 minutes on foot.
Incheon Int'l Airport 032-740-7013 Incheon International Airport Office mainly handles procedures pertaining to entry and departure of Korea.
Busan 051-461-3091~95 17-26, 4-ga, Juang-dong, Jung-gu, Busan
Subway: Juang-dong Station (Busan Subway Line No.1 Exit No. 10 or 12) 10 minutes on foot.
Gimhae Airport 051-979-1322~25 2350 Daejeo-w-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan
Gimhae Airport Immigration Office mainly handles procedures pertaining to entry and departure of Korea.
Jeju 064-722-3494 953 Yongdam-3-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju


Immigration Field Services for 'remote'areas:
Long-term foreign residents (those who have been in Korea for more than 3 months) can apply for visas, report departures or handle other customs affairs in their areas. As of January 2009, Immigration officials will visit local town halls or other public offices two to three times a week.
For information on dates and locations, check with your local immigration office. 

Editor's Note: The information above is based on the information K4E has available at the time of writing. Given how difficult it is to obtain clear and complete information in Korea as well as how quickly rules can change, please see this as a guide and do follow-up with the appropriate Korean government bodies to confirm its accuracy and/or to get the most current answers. K4E would appreciate your feedback should you find out that our information is out-of-date.

Image Source: KTO - Seoul to Incheon Airport


Last Updated on 2020-09-01

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