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Foreign Spouse F-6 Visa

Foreign Spouse F-6 Visa

The F-6 (F-6-1)  visa was initiated on 15 December 2011and is a replacement for the F-2-1(original foreign spouse visa). The F-6 visa requires a yearly renewal if the foreign spouse has been in Korean and/or has been married to a Korean citizen for less than two years...and has no children.  Each time you renew, the valid period depends upon a number of factors including whether you have children or not, and the number of years you have lived in korea.  The maximum valid period that you can be granted at a time on the F-6 visa is three years.

When applying for the F-6 visa, you will need the following*:
1. Spouse's birth certificate (Joomin deungrok deungbon - 주민등록등본)
2. Family registry certificate (Hojeok deungbon - 호적등본)
3. Reference certificate (Shinwon bojeungseo - 신원보증서)
4. Spouse's job certificate (Jaejik jeungmyoung seo 재직증명서)
5. Documents establishing property relations or regular income…any of the following will do (bank certificate under the name of your Korean spouse worth 30 million won or more, copy of real estate registration, copy of house lease contract, certificate of employment of your Korean spouse, certificate of employment of the applicant)
6. Marriage certificate (접수증)
7. Your and spouse's ID cards
8. Your passport and Alien Registration Card
9. Fees: 80,000 won worth of stamps (W50,000 for change of visa from tourist or student to F-1 visa, W30,000 for F2)

*the list of requirements (originally for the F2-1 visa) as well as those for getting the F-5 permanent residency visa and citizenship can be found on this blog for foreign spouses.

K4E Editor: tries to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and complete, so should you notice any errors or omissions in the content above please contact us at note that government regulations and proceedures may have changed from what has been described above or may not apply in all situations/cases. K4E recommends that you check with the appropriate government office and/or officials prior to going forward.  


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