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Taxi Fares/Receipts/Tipping

Taxi Fares/Receipts/Tipping

Fares are shown on the meter and all taxies have meters. When you get into the vehicle, it is a good idea to make sure that the driver has cleared the meter after the previous passenger (should show 0, then 3000* – the base fare in Seoul). You may also want to make sure the meter is on and doesn’t continue to register ‘0’.  Note: For other cities - Busan, Daegu, Daejeon - go to the search box and type the city name and taxi (ex. Busan taxi).

Regular taxi fares begin at W3000* (in Seoul) and increase by increments of W100 according to time/distance (the basic fare covers the first two kilometers of the trip and then W100 is added for each 142 meters). Deluxe taxis begin at W5000 and increase by W200. 

Toll fees to the airport are generally added to the meter charge - check with the driver before you leave to find out if he is planning to charge you. 

Refusing Fares is not uncommon. Some drivers will refuse a fare the person is going only a short distance – they would rather keep driving around fare-less for some unfathomable reason. You may also be refused because your destination is too far away or in the wrong direction if the driver is going off shift soon or wanting to take a meal break at a certain hour.  Because of the fear of language problems, drivers will sometimes drive past foreigners trying to hail them. 
As of 12 October 2013, the Seoul government is imposing a W200,000 on taxi drivers who refuse passengers with special attention being paid to short distance passengers from the Jongno, Gangnam and Hongik subway stations.

Between midnight and 4:00 am, the basic fare increases by 20%. This applies to all taxi types.
A 20% Out-of-Seoul surcharge is applied to taxi trips originating in Seoul to adjacent cities (cancelled in 2009, the out-of-seoul surchage reinstated again in October 2013).

Tipping is neither customary, nor expected, although a ten percent tip might be appropriate for special services. Drivers will sometimes insist on giving you the exact change, even when you try to tip him/her.

Payment is usually in cash. Riders can pay with a credit card or, in Seoul,  with their T-money card in some cabs. Eventually, all Seoul taxies will take T-money payments. As of April 2009, not all taxis take credit cards or T-money.

Receipts are available from all taxis now. They are connected to the meter and therefore show the exact fare and mileage. The print out is quite small. If the driver does not understand receipt, you can say it in Korean: yong-su-jung (means tax bill). 
ALWAYS GET A RECEIPT In case you have left something in the cab, you can immediately contact the driver. The receipts all have a contact phone number for the driver, usually a cell phone number, although a few show only a landline number. Your receipt can also help you identify the driver should there have been a problem and you were unable to get the driver's ID before exiting the cab. 

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Last Updated on 2015-04-12

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