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Emergency - 119 Multimedia Contact Services

Emergency - 119 Multimedia...

In Korea, you can contact 119 in an emergency through a variety of methods. 

 The ‘119 Multimedia Contact Services' creates an environment where anyone can contact 119 easily by increasing accessibility to people who are differently able including people who cannot speak, people with disabilities, the elderly, foreign nationals, etc.

What is 119 Multimedia Contact Services?
In the past, you could “only call” 119 in case of emergency such as fire, rescue, or first aid. But now, the 119 Multimedia Contact Services allows you to contact 119 via different media such as video call, text message (SMS/MMS), mobile app, and website.

Video call
If you video-call 119, you are connected to your nearest 119 center. You can communicate your situation in more detail via video, which also can share information such as CPR in real time.

Text message (SMS/MMS)
Type 119 in the 'To:' box than enter what you want to report in the message section. You can also write your message on a piece of paper, take a photo of it and send the photo to 119. You can attach photos or even videos.

Mobile app
Install the app ‘119’ from the Play (App) Store. Tap the ‘Report’ button in the app and type what you want to report, then your location. The information will be communicated to the 119 center.

Go to http://119.go.kr and type what you want to report. Your information is then communicated to the nearest 119 center.

NOTE that
※ Some older devices may need a hardware upgrade for making video calls.
※ It is required to install the app 119 from Play (App) Store to contact via mobile app.


Last Updated on 2020-09-18

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