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Dishwasher Settings-Use Tr...

Following are the options one can find on Korean dishwashers;


분리세척: Splitrack washing

상단: Top rack only 

하단: Bottom rack only

코스: SETTING (literal translation 'course')

표준: Normal Wash

불림: Soak / Rinse-Hold

강력: Heavy/Power Wash (pots & pans)

무세제: No Detergent Wash

섬세: Light Wash / Fragile

건조: Drying

헹굼추가: Adding more time for washing

회: one extra wash

+2회: two extra washes

예약: Set end time/Delayed start 

전원: Turn on/off - Power

동작/일시정지: Start/Pause

Button with a baby face on it: Safety lock to prevent access by children. To unlock, press the button for about 3 seconds. 

예비>>세척>>헹굼>>건조(Pre-washing>>Washing>>Rinsing>>Drying): Indicates where in the cycle the machine is. 


Select Rack/Separate Washing분리세척
This is a water/energy saving function that can be used when both racks are not full. Put the dishes on either the top or lower rack.. Then press the 분리세척/Separate washing button once for the upper rack and twice for the lower rack. If you do not set this function, the machine washes both levels.

SETTINGS/CYCLES -  코스Normal Wash (표준) is the default setting. For other cycles, press the appropriate button. 

Normal Wash - 표준: Normal Wash includes pre-washing with lukewarm water, washing at 60℃, rinsing with cold water, rinsing with hot water at 65℃ and drying.

Soak - 불림:  For dishes washed 2 or more hours after use - includes pre-washing with lukewarm water, washing at 50℃, rinsing with cold water, rinsing with hot water at 60℃ and drying.

Heavy/Power Wash - 강력:  For dishes washed 1~2 hours after use as well as pots & pans - includes pre-washing at 45℃, washing at 70℃, rinsing with cold water, rinsing with hot water at 70℃ and drying.

No Detergent Wash - 무세제:  includes washing at 60℃, rinsing with cold water.

Light Wash / Fragile - 섬세:  For dishes that are sensitive to high temperatures or external pressure -  includes pre-washing with lukewarm water, washing at 45℃, rinsing with cold water, rinsing with hot water at 45℃ and drying.

Drying - 건조: includes rinsing with hot water at 65℃ and drying.

Adding more time - 헹굼추가:  Use this function when you want to wash dishes once or twice more. Press the button once for washing once more, twice for washing twice more (ex, if you press the button twice, the dishes are cleaned 3 times. The regular cycle and then the two additional ones.

Setting end time예약/ (delayed start): Follow steps 1-6 in Basic Operating Instructions below.
To have the dishwasher complete the desired cycle(s) by a certain time, press 예약 (end time set) button. On most units with this function, there is a panel with numbers – if you press 2, the cycle will end in 2 hours (choices up to 24 hours). Instead of setting the start time, indicate when you want the process to end. The dishwasher will automatically start at a time that allows it to finish by the time you’ve requested. On some machines, you indicate later times by pressing the button once for each hour. (12 hours later, press 12 times). 
Press the 동작/일시정지 (Start/Pause) button to start washing. 


1. Before washing, scrape remains from dishes, then place them in the racks. Add  detergent/rinse.

2. Close the door, you should hear a ‘Tik’ sound.

3. Press 전원 (on/off) button to turn the machine on. Default setting is normal wash. 

4. If both racks are not full, chose the separate washing option – 분리세척.

If you don’t want normal wash, press 코스 (Course).

5. Press 헹굼추가 (Adding more times for washing) button, if you want to wash dishes for a longer time. If not, skip this step.

6. Press 동작/일시정지 (Start/Pause) button to start washing.

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Last Updated on 2015-04-03

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