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Children’s Clothing, although found everywhere, are not always a good fit for non-Asian children. As you cannot rely on sizes, you may want to measure your child and carry a measuring tape when you go shopping. Children’s Boutiques are plentiful in almost every neighbourhood and in department stores, but the prices can be steep. There are also many name brand boutiques in various areas in Seoul. Following the conversions charts below are some store suggestions. Please do contact us at if you have found others or post the information on the forum.


Boys 3-4(age)  5-6  6-7  9-10  11-12  13-14  15-16  17-18
3  5  7 9 11 13 15 17
Size 54 58 64 71 76 83 88 90
Height 100 109 125 135 145 159 168 171
Chest 53 56 61 66 72 78 84 88
Waist 49 51 53 59 63 66 69 71
Hip 54 58 64 71 76 83 88 90



3-4(age)  5-6  6-7  9-10  11-12  13-14  15-16  17-18
3  5  7 9 11 13 15 17
Size 54 58 64 71 76 83 88 90
Height 99 110 123 134 147 155 160 162
Chest 51 54 59 62 70 77 80 81
Waist 48 50 53 56 61 64 66 68
Hip 54 58 64 70 77 85 89 90


Store Suggestions:

The Lotte Mart at Seoul Station has a large kids’ gear and clothing section, plus a small, padded play area nearby.

Costco has a small area of kids' clothing with American sizing, reasonable prices and name brands like Carters. New stock comes in all the time so you may want to make regular trips. When you see something you like and/or that fits, don’t hesitate. It may not be there next time and there’s no guarantee you’ll ever see it again.

Kim's Club near the Express Bus Terminal in the New Core Outlet shopping center also has a good selection for children.

In Dongdaemun, try the Doota Department Store.

In Namdaemun, try the Mesa Department Store behind Shinsegae or browse the numerous alleys and booths for a deal.

If you have a connection to get on the U.S. Military Base in Yongsan, the Secondhand Rose Thrift Shop has clothing for children of all ages, including babies. The quality and quantity vary depending what people have donated or consigned, but the price is generally good compared to the local market and some of the clothing is almost new.

Shoes are easier to find. The challenge here is figuring out the Korean shoe sizes. If you remember to carry an outline and the measurements of your child’s feet, your task will be a little easier. Shoes can be found in Shoe Alley in Dongdaemun, in various shops in Namdaemun as well as in all the discount and department stores. Prices vary, but are generally competitive.

K4E Editor: We try to make the information on as complete and accurate as possible, so if you notice any errors or omissions in the content above, please let us know at


Last Updated on 2015-03-22

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