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Busan Cathedral English Mission, Anglican Church of Korea
Sunday worship times: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 2pm. Location: 18 Daechang-dong, 2-ga, Jung-gu, Busan (The Cathedral is located on a small side street across the road from the Busan Museum of Modern History (formerly the U.S. Consulate) on the main road of Daecheong-ro. Subway: Get off at Jungang-dong Station, Exit 7. Walk about 500m and turn right up the small side street. The Cathedral is on the left about 15m from the main road. Info: busancathedralenglishmission@gmail.com.

Sangdang International Church English Worship Service

The Sunday service begins at 11:30AM in Vision Hall (inside the main entrance). The church is located next to E-mart at 158-9 Mipyeong-dong, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-dong. Several weekly bible studies are also available. More information available in English on the church website.

Daegu SMC Church 

Sung Myung Church (SeongMeyong Gyohe) has an English speaking service - side building on the top floor -  every Sunday at 11:15AM.  Tel: 053-654-1201-3  The main service also has English translation as text at the bottom of the monitor. Website is Korean only. Address: Daegu Goang Yeok Shi, Nam Gu, Dae Myeong, 11 Dong 1118 Beon Ji.

Daegu Dalseo Independent Evangelical Church
Sunday worship services in English and Korean at 11AM;  Tuesday prayer meetings at 8PM. Getting there:  A five-minute walk from exit 4 of Keimyung Universty Station, subway line 2. Info: 010-4511-6960.

Ansan Won-gok Church

Tagalog Mass at 4PM. For information, call Ilkun's House at (034) 499-7294/497-7151

The Salvation Army - International Corps (Church)
The Salvation Army offers an English Speaking Worship Service every Sundays at 11:00 A.M. Address: Gyeonggi, Ansan, Danwon, Seonbu, Seonbugwangjungseo-ro 65. Tel: 010-8750-0939 and 010-4170-0939. Getting there: From Ansan Station(Line 4) you ride bus no. 62 or 98. Get off at Saetteo Park. Opposite Walk Towards Seonbugwangjangseo-ro. Then turn right and walk towards the GS25 Convenience store. The church is is between Mexican Chicken and GS25 .

Global Mission Church

Offers services in a number of languages, including Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. Check the website for a list of services. Address: 10 Gumi-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,  Gyeonggi-do. Tel:  031-710-9300. Directions in English on the church website. Services schedule/location/language:
English Adult Service Sunday 10AM and 2PM, MD Plaza B1, All Nations Chapel (Easy listening worship).
English C&C(영어청년예배) Sunday 14:00 Bundang Grace Chapel B01(Main Building)
English Youth Service Sunday 11AM, MD Plaza 701(7th fl.) Daniel Chapel
English Children's Service Sunday 9:50AM MD Plaza 8th fl. Gloria Chapel
Japanese Service Sunday 2PM MD Plaza 8th fl. Sophia Chapel
Chinese Service Sunday 10:30AM MD Plaza 8th fl.Sophia Chapel
Multicultural Service Sunday 1PM MD Plaza 8th fl. Gloria Chapel 

Hallelujah Christian Church
Inter-denominational and evangelical worship service in English on Sundays at 2PM  in Rm 421 of Hallelujah Community Church in Yatap-dong, Bundang, Getting there: Yatap Station, Bundang Line, K226, Exit 2. Take an HCC Shuttle Bus in front of Hana Bank. Directions: Yatap Station (Bundang Line), go out through exit 2 and take a right at the top of the stairs towards Paris Baguette. Head out to the main street along the corner of Paris Baguette and take a left turn. Within 100 meters, you will see a bright red logo with the white words “BYC” on the building adjacent to Paris Baguette. The church bus will arrive every 10 to 20 minutes to provide free transportation to the church and back after service to this same location. More directions in English. Info: 010-9604-1978. 

Inchon Catholic International Community

English Mass at 4 PM Sundays by Father Raymond T. Sabio at the Inchon Cathedral in Tap-dong, Inchon. Everyone welcomed. For information, call 011-331-8312, (032)887-4312 or (032)765-6974.

Incheon International Baptist Church
English Speaking ministry has Sunday School at 10AM and Church Service at 11AM. The church is located at Dream City Building, 3rd Floor, 315 (인천광역시 연수구 송도동 3-2 제3층315) Info:  010-3232-8606  / pastor@iibckorea.com or info@iibckorea.com. Map and times for Bible Study and other Services on the IIBC website.

Lifespring Church in Songdo
A sister church of Global Mission Church. Bilingual (Korean/English) service at 10:00AM and 2:00PM on Sundays as well as an English service at 12PM.  Address: 20-23 Songdo-Dong, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon - Songdo Prugio Worldmark 2 Danji 202 Dong, 211 Ho (406-840). Tel: 032-831-3775. For map and public transit directions, see the church's English website.

Songnam (Catholic) Church

Mass for foreign workers at 12:30 PM. For information, call Emmaus at (031) 257-8501.

Suwon Kodung-dong (Catholic) Church
English Mass at 4:30 PM for foreign workers. People of all nationalities are welcome. For information, call Emmaus at (031)257-8501.

Jinju Church - International Christian Fellowship
Non-denominational English-language service at 11am on Sundays on the 6th floor of the Jinju Church Vision Center, the building next to the main church building.  Lunch together in church canteen after service. Address: 37 Bongrae-dong. Getting there: Take a bus to Galleria and then head behind Lotte Invens to find Jinju Church. Map on church website. Contact: jinju.church@gmail.com or 055-743-8911.

Jeju Anglican/ Episcopal Church
offers a liturgical type of worship with candles, responsive readings, songs, and prayers. The service is in Korean but the church provides Engish-speaker with a paper guide in English. Sunday service is from  11AM until 12PM followed by lunch at the church. How to get there: from the No Hyeung 5-way intersection walk in the direction of the ocean. At the end, turn right. The church is behind the bus stop - It's an old storage building remodeled and turned into a church.

NB: See below for churches located in specific cities.

K4E Editor: The above is only a partial list of churches with English services around Korea. Korea4Expats.com tries to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and complete, so should you notice any errors in the content above or know of a church that should be listed, please contact us at info@korea4expats.com.


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