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Campgrounds - Around Korea

Campgrounds - Around Korea

Most national parks offer camping (overnight stay) options that are often shelters for groups of people while some will also rent tents or offer space to pitch one's own on a small piece of ground. Peak months such as June-August are often fully booked far in advance including city sites. Camping is a way of beating the heat and humidity of summer and, given the limited land/beach space in Korea, rarely offer an isolated get-away break offered by countries with large expanses of forest/beach land. 

The word for camping in Korean is Yayeongjang (야영장).  Fees for a camping spot in some of the parks are under W10,000 per person. 

Following is a list of some of the national parks with camping sites, organised by province. Click on the park to link to the park's English language website.  The following almost all have hiking trails and eco-tours.

Gyeryongsan National Park   계룡산국립공원
Located in Gongju-si about 40 minutes outside Daejeon
Getting there:  Take an Inner City Bus (No. 102, 103) from Daejeon Bus Terminal to Donghaksa (ride a little over one hour).
Inner City Bus from Old Gongju Bus Terminal to Donghaksa.
Inner City Bus No. in front of Daejeon Yuseong Police Substation bound for Gapsa (50 minute ride)
Inner City Bus No. 10 from Gongju to Sinwonsa Temple  (40 minute ride).

Taean-Haean National Park  태안해안국립공원
Located in Taean-gun near Taean-gun.
Getting there: Take the bus to Taean  from Seoul Nambu Terminal (2hr 20 mn ride). At Taean Express Bus Terminal board a bus to  Hakampo at Taean  and get off at Hakampo (40 minute ride)

Woraksan National Park  월악산국립공원
Located in Jaecheon-si near Danyang
Campsites include Soseonam Campsite (largest with occupancy at about 1,000 pax), Soseonam Campsite #2, Woraksan Gukrip Gongwon Campsite, Doraksan Campsite. Deokju Campsite and Datdonjae Campsite. These are smaller and have fewer amenities than the larger site. However, most have toilets, some a field kitchen, etc.
Getting there: Take a bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Woraksan (about a 3-hour ride).  Locally:
1. From Namdang  Elementary School (200m away from Jecheon Station), take city bus bound for Songgye Valley and get off at Songgye. ( about a 1-hour ride)
2. From Chungcheongbuk-do Chungju Bus Terminal, take Songgye bound bus No. 222 or 246 (50 min ride) and get off at the entrance of Mt. Woraksan National Park.  (about 1-hour ride).
3. The Danseong train station (one stop from Danyang Stn) is also only 5 km / 1 hour walk away a large campsite. 

Songnisan National Park  속리산국립공원
Located Northeast of Taejon near Cheongju
Getting there: From Boeun Intercity Bus Terminal, take a direct bus to Mt. Songnisan (20 minute ride) . From (Mt.) Songnisan Terminal it’s about a 20 minute walk to Songnisan ticket office. 

Chiaksan National Park   치악산국립공원
Location: Wonju-si near Socho-myeon.
Getting there: In front of Wonju Station, take city bus No. 41 bound for Guryongsa Temple (40 min ride), No. 21 bound for Geumdaeri or Seongnam-ri (30 min ride), or No. 82 bound for Hwang-gol (30 min ride). Get off at the entrance of Mt. Chiaksan. 

Odaesan National Park   오대산국립공원
Located in Odaesan near Jinbu
Getting there: Odaesan National Park is about a 4hr bus ride from Seoul. Gangneung is the primary access point for Odaesan and can be reached from Busan and Seoul via train or express bus. Gangneung Bus Terminal is a 5 minute taxi ride from Gangneung Train Station.

Seoraksan National Park    설악산국립공원
Located in  Sokcho-si District  near  Sokcho
Getting there: There are express busses running from Gangnam Express Bus Terminal (in Seoul) to Sokcho City roughly every 30 minutes. 

Juwangsan National Park   주왕산국립공원

Located in  Cheongsong-gun near Cheongsong
Getting there: From Cheongsong Intercity Bus Terminal, take a city bus bound for Mt. Juwangsan and get off at the entrance of the National Park (30 minute ride). Walk 10 minutes to the ticket office. Taxi takes 20 minutes from the intercity bus terminal to the entrance of the National Park.

Sobaeksan National Park   소백산국립공원
Located in Yeongju-si near Punggi-eup
Getting there: Take a bus to  Danyang from  Dong Seoul Terminal (2 ½ hour ride) . At Danyang Bus Terminal take a bus to  Jukryeong (10 minute ride), Eouigok (30 minute ride) or Darian (40 minute ride).

Gayasan National Park  가야산국립공원
Located in Hapcheon-gun  near Hagaegum
Getting there: From Hapcheon Intercity Bus Terminal, take a city bus to Haeinsa Temple and get off at the entrance of the temple (1 hour ride). Taxi takes 40 min from the bus terminal to Hongryudong ticket office. From Daegu Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal, take a Haeinsa Temple bound bus and get off at the last stop (1 hour ride).

Byeonsan-bando National Park  변산반도국립공원
Location:  Buan-gun near the town of Gyeokpo.
Getting there: From the Buan Cross-Country Bus Terminal, board direct bus to Gyeokpo and get off at  Byeonsan Beach. It’s about a 30-minute ride.

Deogyusan National Park 덕유산국립공원
Located in Muju-gun near the town of Muju
Getting there: From Yeongdong, take bus to Muju Terminal. From Muju Terminal take bus to Gucheondong, then from the Hwangjeom exit take a local bus from the orange bus stop on the opposite side of the road, bound for Geochang. Each leg takes about 30 minutes.

Naejangsan National Park    내장산국립공원
Located in Jeongeup-si near Gwangju.
Getting there: From Jeongeup Bus Terminal, take bus No.171 headed to Mt. Naejangsan National Park. (Bus runs every 20 min). Taxi takes about 20 minutes.

Jiri-san National Park  지리산국립공원 
Located in Sancheong-gun District near Chiri-san
Getting there: From the city of Chinju , it’s a one-hour drive to Jiri-san National Park Sancheong entrance in less than one hour. There are also buses that go from the main bus station in downtown Chinju to the Sancheong entrance. Buses depart regularly from Busan's Seobu Terminal at Sasang for Hadong, the south-eastern entry point into the park and from the Hadong Bus Station to Ssanggye-sa.

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Dadohae-haesang National Park    다도해해상국립공원
 Located in Wando-gun near Yeosu. It is the largest national park in Korea.  
Campsites include: Yeompo Campsite  312, Oecho-ri, Bongnae-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-Do +82-61-835-7828 Simok Campsite  965-2, Oryu-ri, Docho-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-Do +82-61-284-9115 Gwanmaedo Campsite  San 106-2, Gwanmae-ri, Jodo-myeon, Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-Do  Sinyukri Campsite  San 121, Sinyuk-ri, Jodo-myeon, Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-Do. 
Getting there: From Wando Island Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi and get off at the Wando Island Ferry Terminal where ferry cruises go to Bogildo and Sinjido Islands. From the Mokpo Bus Terminal, take taxi or bus #1 (about a 15 minute ride) to the Mokpo Ferry Terminal where you can take a ferry to Hongdo, Heuksando and Dochodo Islands. From Yeosu Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi to the Yeosu Ferry Terminal where you can take a ferry to Geomundo Island.

Dadohae-haesang National Park  다도해해상국립공원 
Located in Wando-gun near Yeosu
From Wando Island Intercity Bus Terminal, take taxi for min and get off at Wando Island Ferry Terminal. There are ferry cruises to Bogildo and Sinjido Islands.
From Mokpo Bus Terminal, take a taxi or bus # 1 (15 minute ride). Transfer to a ferry bound for Hongdo, Heuksando and Dochodo Islands at the Mokpo Ferry Terminal.
From Mokpo Station to Mokpo Ferry Terminal takes only a few minutes by taxi.
From Yeosu Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Yeosu Ferry Terminal (15 minute ride). Take ferry to Geomundo Island there.

Wolchulsan National Park   월출산국립공원 
Located in the  Cheonhwangsa and Gyeongpodae Districts near Yeongam
Getting there: From Gwangju Intercity Terminal, take a bus to Yeongam Bus Terminal and from there board the bus for Mt. Wolchulsan.

Hallyeo-haesang National Park    한려해상국립공원
Located in Geoje District near Yeosu
Getting there: From Tongyeong Intercity Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Geojae and get off at Hakdong.
From Jangseongpo Ferry Terminal, take a Hongpo bound city bus via Gujora, Mangchi, Hakdong, and Yeongcha.

MORE INFO. You can also contact KTO's helpline 02-1330 for help getting information on various camping options in any given area in Korea. Korea Tourism also offers information on the KTO website.

NOTE:  Camping outside of designated campgrounds in national parks is technically illegal and can result in hefty fines. In rural areas and along beaches, it is sometimes possible to pitch a tent (when hiking for example), fish and cook on a small fire. See the National Parks Service (Authority) website for a list of major shelters, some of which take reservations in advance during peak times. To find out where reservations are required  or when you can camp, you can check with the Korea Tourism Organization helpline 02-1330 or visit the KTO office in Seoul - KTO Building, B1-40 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul. See directions and more details on the KTO website.

K4E Editor: We want to make the information on as complete and accurate as possible, so if you notice any errors or omissions in the content above, please let us know at

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