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Bike Trail - Jungnangcheon-gil Road

Bike Trail - Jungnangcheon...

DESCRIPTION: The Jungnangcheon-gil Road runs through the Gangbuk area of Seoul. Unlike Hongjecheon and Yangjecheon streams, the Jungnangcheon Stream is wide, so riding along it feels like riding along a tributary of the Hangang River. Going up along the Jungnangcheon-gil Road, you’ll be able to get a sense of the Gangbuk area changed over time.

Along the upper parts of Jungnangcheon Stream, a view of Buramsan, Dobongsan, and Suraksan mountains come into view beyond the apartment complexes. As you continue on you’ll find that, opposed to continually running parallel to the river, the road crosses the stream several times, adding a more interesting twist to the trip.

ROUTE: You want to start from Ttukseom Hangang Park or Seoul Forest. When you first enter the Jungnangcheon Stream area, you’ll need to use the road on the west side of the river, but once you’re past Gunjagyo Bridge you can use the path on either side of the stream. Past Wolgyegyo Bridge, the road on the west side becomes quiet as there is less traffic. From the Ttukseom district to the edge of Seoul is about 25 kilometer and takes about 4 hours roundtrip. ☞ Departure: Seoul Forest or Ttukseom Hangang Park

Seoul Forest: Ttukseom Station (Subway Line 2, Stop 210), Exit 8, 15-min walk.
Hangang Riverside Park (Ttukseom): Ttukseom Resort Station (Subway Line 7, Stop 728), Exit 2, 3. 20m

RENTALINFO: Bicycle rental at Ttukseom Resort Station, (Subway Line 7, Stop 728), Exit 2 or 3, next to exit.
Cost: 3,000 won an hour (one-person bike) / 6,000 won an hour (two-person bike).
*You must leave a valid photo ID at the rental desk for the duration of your ride.
Hours: 09:00-19;00 (May-August) /  09:00-18:00 (March, April, September, October) /  09:00-17:00 (January, February, November, December)
Info: 02-1330 tt call center: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)  

Information courtesy KTO.

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