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Bidet-style Toilets Transl...

Bidet-style toilets have become quite common in Korea in recent years. A decade ago most public facilities offered squat toilets with maybe one or two throne-style options. These days, there are more of the latter than the former in public facilities and homes mainly have throne style toilets. Increasingly, bidet toilets can be found in most recently built appartment buildings and wherever renovations have been done

In Korea, the bidet is not a separate unit. The function bar will be found either on the side of the toilet/bidet or attached to the wall. Most have symbols along with words to indicate the function. he wall mountings often have additional functions under a flip-cover. Following are some of the terms you are likely to find on your Korean bidet toilet:

 전원: Power - On/Off 

중지: Pause  

정지: Stop 

세정: Back Wash/Posterior 

비데: Front Wash/Feminine

건조: Dry

마사지: Massage (Pulsating Wash) 

피부보호: Gentle spray 

온수: Warm Water 

절전: Power-saving Mode 

시트:  Seat

시트온도: Seat Temperature 

탈취: Air Freshener 

노즐이동: Nozzle Position Control

: Front

: Back 

수압: Water Pressure Control

: Strong

: Weak 

온풍: Dry – Warm Air 

대변: Flush - regular 

소변: Flush - less water 

청소: Cleaning

도기: Toilet (cleaning)

노즐: Nozzle (cleaning) 

시간설정: Set clock

시간: Hour

: Minute

설정: Set

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Last Updated on 2013-03-25

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