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Bicycle Parking - Seoul

Bicycle Parking - Seoul

Newly-buildt apartments (16-stories or higher) and non-residential buildings (taller than 21 stories) in Seoul are now required to set aside 2-5 percent of their lot for bicycle parking. (The regulation also requires special bike paths to be set up within new apartment complexes of more than 300 households.)  A number of smaller and even older buildings provide bicycle racks/parking space even though not required by law to do so.

BIKE PARKING LOTS: Seoul City currently runs six bicycle parking lots at or near subway stations – Sindorim (stops 216/814), Suyu (stop 414), Sinmok-dong (stop 911), Yeongdeungpo (stop 236/523) and Gaebong (stop 143) subway stations 

LINE 9: All stations along the newly constructed Line 9 have space allocated for parking bicycles. The number of spaces may vary.
OTHER LINES: A number of stations including Apgujeong (stop 336), Jamsil (stop 216/814) and about 12-14 others.

SUBSIDIES for riding bicycle to subway: To boost bike use, Seoul City plans to give about W200-W300 subsidies to people who ride between their homes and subway stations, starting August 2011. Kiosks have been installed at bicycle parking lots near Sindorim Station (stops 140/234 and Suyu Station (stop 414) for the pilot program. Seoulites can cycle from home to the station, park there, have the kiosk scan their traffic card, and take the subway to work or school. On their return, they can retrieve the bikes from the kiosk and the subsidy will be credited to their cards. The service is expected to be expanded to six bike parking lots in 2012.

Café Rainbow on the Hannamdaegyo (Bridge) is four-stories high with public spaces on the first two floors and the café itself on the third and fourth floors. The café is a two-storied structure comprising the third and fourth floors, the latter of which is an indoor viewing deck affording wonderful views of the Hangang, Hannamdaegyo and Namsan (Mt). as patrons sit and enjoy beverages.Visitors are welcome to take their bikes into the café, which has plenty bicycle-parking space, and the interior design uses bike accessories to continue the cycling theme. The café also promotes cycling for pleasure by supporting cycling clubs and hosting bike-related events. Hours: 11AM to 11PM.  (It's also possible to take a bus to the cafe: 470, 420, 472, 407, 408, 144, 142, 402, 140, and 471.

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