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Basketball - Men, Professional

Regular league games, all-star games and play-off games run from November to March, with playoffs March through May. The Basketball League website provides some information in English.

Korea has both female and male professional basketball teams.

GAME TIMES: Weekdays mostly 7 PM, Weekends 2 and 4 PM. No games Mondays. See monthly game schedules in What's Going On.

TICKETS can be purchased either online via Ticketlink (site in Korean only, Korea citizen ID number required):
Royal Section 20,000won
SS Section 13,000won
S Section 10,000won
Normal Section 7,000won
Aged 19 and below 5,000won
If tickets are bought at the stadium itself:
Royal Section 22,000won
SS Section 14,000won
S Section 11,000won
Normal Section 8,000won
Aged 19 and below 6,000won

Anyang: Anyang KGC
Busan: Sonic Boom KT
Changwon: LG Sakers
Goyang: Goyang Orions
Incheon: ET-land Elephants
Jeonju: KCC Egis
Seoul: Samsung Thunders, SK Knights
Ulsan: Mobis Phoebus
WonJu: Dongbu Promy


Anyang KGC
Established 1992(before Anyang SBS)
Home Base: Anyang
Home stadium: Anyang Basketball Stadium (안양실내)

Dongbu Promy
Established 2003
Home Base: Wonju
Home stadium: Wonju Chiak Basketball Stadium (원주치악)

ET-land Elephants
Established 2003
Home Base: Incheon
Home stadium: Incheon Samsan Basketball Stadium (인천삼산)

Goyang Orions (previously Daegu Orions)
Established 1994
Home Base: Goyang, Gyeonggi Province
Home stadium: Goyang Baseball Stadium (고양실내)

KCC Egis
Established 2001
Home Base: Jeonju
Home stadium: Jeonju Basketball Stadium (전주실내])

LG Sakers
Established 1994
Home Base: Changwon
Home stadium: Changwon Basketball Stadium (창원실내)

Mobis Phoebus
Established 1997
Home Base: Ulsan
Home stadium: Ulsan Dongcheon Basketball Stadium (울산동천)

Samsung Thunders
Established 1978
Home Base: Seoul
Home stadium: Jamsil Basketball Stadium (잠실실내)

SK Knights
Established 1997
Home Base: Seoul
Home stadium: Jamsil Student Basketball Stadium (잠실학생)

Sonic Boom KT
Established 2004
Home Base: Busan
Home stadium: Busan Sajik Basketball Stadium (부산사직)

Anyang Basketball Stadium (Home of Anyang KGC) - 안양실내
Tel: 031-389-5228
Address: 389 Pyungchondaero Dongangu, Anyang (경기 안양시 동안구 평촌대로 389)
Directions: Green Line 2 Sinchon Station (stop #240) Exit 4. Go straight about 250 meters near an Outback Steakhouse, takeGreen bus # 5713 which will tke you directly to the stadium. Get off at Anyang Sports Complex.

Busan Sajik Basketball Stadium (Home of Sonic Boom KT) - 부산사직
Tel: 051-507-8018
Address: 45 Sajikro, Dongraegu, Busan (부산 동래구 사직로 45)
Directions: From the KangNam Express Bus Terminal take the bus to Busan Express BusTerminal. From there you can transfer to the BUSAN subway Orange line 1 which is the Nopo Station (Stop # 134).Ride this line until you reach Yeonsan Station (stop # 123) and transfer to Busan subway line 3. Get off at the Sports Complex station (Stop # 307) and take Exit 9.

Changwon Basketball Stadium (Home of LG Shakers) - 창원실내
Tel: 055-239-3241
Address: 450 Woneedaero, Euchanggu, Changwon, Gyeongnam (경남 창원시 의창구 원이대로 450)
Directions: From the KangNam Express Bus Terminal take the bus toChangwon City Bus Terminal. When you arrive you will see a Newcore outlet on the opposite side of the street. Infront there should be a bus stop where youcan take the local city bus # 111. Get off at the Sports complex stop.

Goyang Gymnasium (Home of Goyang Orions) - (고양실내)
Tel: 031-930-1000
Address: 1601 Jungangro, IlsanSeoGu, Gyeonggi-do (경기 고양시 일산서구 중앙로 1601)
Directions: Take Line 3 to Juyeop station (Stop # 311) Exit 1. There will be a bus stop in the middle of the street take bus # 550 to the Goyang Gymnasium stop.

Incheon Samsan World Gym (Home of Elephants) - (인천삼산)
Tel: 032-500-4500
Address: 60, Chaeyookgwanro, Bupyong gu, Incheon (인천 부평구 체육관로 60)
Directions: From Seoul Station (Line 4, Line 1, AREX) transfer to bus 1200 (about 1 hour).

Jamsil Basketball Stadium, Seoul (Home of Samsung Thunder) - 잠실실내
Tel: 02-2240-8801
Address: 25 Olympicro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (서울 송파구 올림픽로 25)
Directions: Walk for about 50m from Sports Complex Subway Station. (Line No. 2, Stn 218, Exit 7)

Jamsil Student Basketball Stadium, Seoul (Home of SK Knights) - 잠실실내
Tel: 02-423-9181
Address: 10-3 Jamsil 1 dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 25)
Directions: Walk for about 20m from Sports Complex Subway Station. (Line No. 2, Stn 218, Exit 8)

Jeonju Basketball Stadium (Home of KCG Egis) - 전주실내
Tel: 070-8181-9959
Address: 567 Baekjaedoro, Duckjin Gu, Jeonju, Jeollabukdo (전북 전주시 덕진구 백제대로 567)
Directions: From the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal take the bus to Jeonju Bus terminal. From there you may walk about 500 meters (Unsure which direction, please ask the information desk or friendly face when you arrive) from the terminal or take a taxi.

Ulsan Dongcheon Basketball Stadium (Home of Mobis Phoebus) - 울산동천
Tel: 052-294-4120
Address: 85 Yeomporo, Junggu, Ulsan (울산광역시 중구 염포로 85)
Directions: From the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal take the bus to Ulsan Bus Terminal. Infront ofthe terminal there should be a bus stop where you can take local city us # 945 (about 15 min) until you reach Nomsin Megamart. From there you will be able to walk to the stadium.

Wonju Chiak Basketball Stadium (Home of Dongbu Promy) - 원주치악
Tel: 033-737-4315
Address: 279 Seowondaero, Wonju, Gangwon-do (강원도 원주시 서원대로 279)
Directions: From the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal take the bus to Wonju Bus Terminal. When you arrive in Wonju take local City Bus # 2 to theSports Complex bus stop.

* Always ask the bus driver before you get on if he is going to your stop (or in the direction you want to go). If you get lost it is always good to ask a couple of people for directions to make sure you are going in the right direction.)


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