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Concert Halls, Seoul

Concert Halls, Seoul

Click on the Centers and Art Halls listed below and you will be connected to their website (Some have limited information in English while others are in Korean only). Telephone numbers provided but you may need a Korean-speaker to help you. If there is no English speaker available, contact the Korea Tourism Organisation Help Line at 1330 (02-1330 from a cell phone).

ARKO Arts Theatre  아르코예술극장
Address:  110-766 Daehak-ro 8-gil 7 (1-111 Dongsung-dong), Jongno-gu
Tel: 769-4840
Getting there: Go straight from Hyewha Station, Line 4, Stop 420, Exit 2. Enter the road between Marronnier Park and Sarang Ticket
Website has some information in English including map and public transport info

ARTE HALL  공연예술 허브
Address: B1 Etomato Building 37-10, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu
Getting there: Get off at Hapjeong station (line 4, stop 238), exit 8,turn left, pass SK Gas station, keep walking straight away, at the second SK Gas station cross the road,and there will be Arte Hall
Website is in Korean only

Address: 7, Teheran-ro 113-gil (170-5 Sansung-dong), Gangnam-gu (near COEX)
Tel 02-559-1333 (English speaker sometimes available)
Getting there: Samseong Station, Stop 219, Exit 8 and walk about 5 minutes - BaekAm Hall is located behind Gyup (IBK) Bank. The hall is also a 12~15 minutes walk distance from Exit. 6 of ‘Bong Eun Sa’ station on Line 9.
More directions.
Box office open from 10AM to 7PM, Monday to Friday
Website has some information in English
Note: Often a venue for children's shows/events, however children under 6 not admitted

Address: 294 Itaewon-ro (727-56 Hanam-dong), Yongsan-gu
Tel 1544-1591
Getting there: By Subway -Take the underground passage in between exit no. 2 and 3 at Hangangjin Station( Line 6, stop 631); By Bus - Get off at Hangangjin Station (Towards exit no. 1), - Green Bus : 8620 (Weekend Bus), - Blue Bus : 110A, 405 Get off at Hangangjin Station (Towards exit no. 2), - Green Bus : 0018, 8620 (Weekend Bus), - Blue Bus: 110B, 405, - Yellow Bus 03 Get off at Hannam Vocational School, - Green Bus : 0018, 3011, 6211, - Blue Bus: 110B, 142, 144, 402, 407, 420
Website is in Korean only
코엑스 아트홀, 코엑스 아티움 
Tel: 02-6000-7889 or contact
Address (COEX): 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu
Getting there:  Located in the COEX Mall complex. The Art Hall can be reached through Exit 5 of Samseong Station (Line 2, Stop 219) - to the right of the Trade Tower while the Artrium is to it's left and can be accessed through Exit 2. More directions
Directions for taxi driver: 테헤란로를 쭉 따라 올라가다 아셈 길로 우회 하여 주십시오. 인터컨티넨탈호텔과 현대백화 옆에 코엑스몰이 크게 보입니다

Address: 240, Olympic-ro (40-1 Jamsil-dong) Songpa-gu, located next to the Lotte Hotel.
Tel: 02-644-0078
Getting there: Take the subway to Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, Stop 216 or 8, Stop 814), Exit 3.
Website has information in English
Note: Charlotte Theater is Korea’s first theater designated exclusively for musicals, imitating the elegant ambience of European architectural design

Address: 387 Toegyero (131 Heungin-dong), Jung-gu
Tel: 02-2230-6600  (may be Korean only speaker)
Directions: Exit 9 of Shindang station (line 2 stop 206, go straight 115M or Dongdaemun History & Culture
Park Station on Lines 2, 4 and 5 (station numbers 205, 422, 536) Exit 2.  
Website in Korean only

D-CUBE ART HALL   디큐브 아트홀
Address: 662, Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu
Tel: 02-2211-1000
Directions: Sindorim Station, Lines 1 and 2, Stops
 140 and 234 
Website in Korean only

Is part of the same theater grouping as Arko Arts Theater located in Daeghanno, Jongno-gu, Seoul. 
Address: 110-809 Daehak-ro 10-gil 17 (1-67 Dongsung-dong), Jongno-gu
Tel: 3668-0007
Getting There: Line 4 Hyehwa Station, Stop 420, Exit 2
Turn back as you exit the station. Enter the road between KFC and Samtoh Blue Bird Theater. Go straight for 50m.  Map
Website has some information in English

Address: 15, Jong-ro 33-gil, Jongno-gu
Info: 02-744-4011
Getting there: Previously known as Yonkang Hall, Doosan Art Hall can be reached by walking 30m toward the Jongno 5-ga pharmacy alley from Exit #1 of Jongno 5-ga station on subway line number 1, stop 129
Website in Korean only

Address: (Dongsoong-gil 122) 1-5 Dongsoong dong, Jongno-gu 
Tel: 02-766-3390
Walk about five minutes from Hyehwa Station on subway Line 4 (stop 420) Exit 1.
Hours 10:00 to 22:30
Website best accessed through Internet Explorer

Address : 870 Dongnam-ro  (477, Sangil-dong) Gangdong-gu
Tel :02-440-0500 
Directions: Godeok Station Subway Line 5, Stop 552, Exit 4. (Emart intersection, turn right - go straight crossing at the traffic light and walk 100 meters).

GARDEN 5 ART HALL  가든파이브(문화숲 프로젝트)
Address: 516 Munjeong-dong, Songpa-gu
Tel: 02-2157-8770
Directions: Jangji Station, Subway Line 8, Stop 819, Exit 3
Website in Korean only

Blue Theater (Green Theater was closed in March 2013)
Address: 1731 Jong-ro (1-79 Dongsoong-dong) Jongno-gu 
Tel : 02 763 8233
Hyehwa Station. Line 4, Stop 420, Exit 1. When exiting the station, go back about 60M to the Kraze Burger. Turn left and go straight 160M. Turn right at Jungbo Theater and go straight 63M. Map

Address: 60 Hyoryeong-ro 72-gil (1355 Seocho-dong) Seocho-gu
Tel: 02-2105-8133
Directions: Go out exit #1 from Yangjae station(station 342) -> Walk for 5 minutes until you see KumKang Jaewha building -> Turn right and walk straight until you see the first traffic light -> Walk across the light and the KEPCO Art Center will be on your left. MAP
Website in Korean only

Address: 57 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Tel: 02-7242-0300
Address :  57 , Daehak-ro , Jongno-gu ,  Seoul     Art Center Grand Theater,
Directions: by subway
Take exit 3 at Hyehwa Station (Line 4 Stop 420).  Walk straight 500m towards Ehwa Crossroad
Website in Korean only  

Address: 714 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
Tel: 02-790-3364
Hours: 10am-10pm
Directions:  Hangangjin Station, Subway Line 6, Stop 631, Exit 3 or
Hannam Station (K113) Exit 1, walk strait 115m, turn right at GS25. Walk 360m to the Hannam intersection, crossHannamdaero, turn left and cross the street, then go straight 450M.
No website

Address: 571-2 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu (Apgujeong)
Directions: Take the subway to Apgujeong Station, Line 3, Stn 336 and go out Exit 4. Turn right along Dunkin' Doughnuts, then turn left and walk two blocks. The hall is located on your right. About 5-10 min walk.
Tel: 02-2056-5787
Email: jcarthall@nate.

Address: 43 Jeongdong-gil (8-11 Chong-dong), Jung-gu
Tel: 02-751-1500 
Getting there: Take the Subway to City Hall Station on Line 1 (stop 1333) Exit 1 or City Hall Station Line 2 (stop 203) Exit 12. Walk about 5-10 minutes
Website has information in English
Note: Day and Evening performance of traditional dance and music. 

Address: 3F, 75 Saemunan-ro (57 Shinmoonno 1-ga), Jongno-gu
Tel: 02-6303-1919
Directions: Walk about 200 meters from Exit #7 of Gwanghwamun Subway Station (Stop 533)
Website is in Korean

Address: 508, Nonhyeon-ro (679 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu)
Tel: 02-2005-0114
Directions: Go out Exit 7 of the Yeoksam Subway Station (Line 2, Stop 221). Follow the underground path to the Art Center and in the GS Tower take the LG Art Center elevator. Underground Parking available at special 4-hour performance rates. MAP
Reservations can be made via 02-2005-0114 or by email to 
For more on reservations, click here
Website has some performance information in English

LIG ART HALL KANGNAM  LIG 아트홀 강남   (Not to be confused with LG Art Center) 
Address: LIG Tower, 649-11, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Tel: 02-331-0094
Directions: Go our Exit 12 of Gangnam station (Lline 2, Stop 222). Go straight 166 meters. More details.
Website has some information in English

Address: B2 LIG Hapjeong Bldg, 19 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu
Tel: 02-331-0094 
Directions: Exit #8 at Hapjung station (Line 2, Stop 238). Go straight 130M, turn right 50M, then left 46M.
More details
Website has information in English

Address: 8F LOTTE World Mall, 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu
Tel: 1544-7744
Directions connected to Jamsil subway station, line 2 stop  and line 8, stop. More directions.
Tickets: by phone or on site. Details and more options here.
Website has information in English

Address: 28, Daeheung-ro 20-gil (30-3 Daegheun-dong), Mapo-gu
Tel: 02-3274-8500
Address: Located near exit 2 of Daeheung Station on subway line 6, stop 625. As you come out of the station, go straight. Then turn right at the intersection. MAP in Korean
Website in Korean only 

Address: 35 Baekbeom-ro (63-4 Sinsoo-dong), Mapo-gu
Tel: 02-705-8743
Directions: To get to Sogang, take the green line number 2 and get off at "Shinchon" (stop #240), get out exit 6 and you can arrive at main gate within 5 minutes on foot. Or take the brown line number 6 and get off at "Daeheung" (stop #625), get out exit 1 and you can reach the south gate within 8 minutes on foot. To locate Mary Hall on Campus, see the Campus Map  
Website in Korean only

NATIONAL GUGAK CENTER  국립극장  (Previous called National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts -NCKTPA - 국립극악원
Address:  2364, Nambusunhwanno (700 Seocho-dong), Seocho-gu
Tel: 02-580-3300 (may be Korean-only speaker)
Directions:  The Gugak Center is located in Seocho-dong across the Pampo Bridge from Itaewon. Take a taxi from Bangbae Station on Subway Line 2 (stop 225) exit 1 or from Nambu Bus Terminal Station on Subway Line 3 (stop 341) exit 5. Shuttle service operates from Nambu Subway when there is a performance. At exit 5 of Nambu Bus Terminal take the #12 bus (the bus stop is right in front of the station) - Get off at Guklip Gugakwon (National Gugak Center). MAP.
For a list of local buses that go from the subway stations to the Gugak Center as well as a rough map, click here. Here are some of them: Green Bus, Seocho 12, 4429 or Bangbae Station (Stop 225), exit 1, Green Bus Seocho07, 15, 17, Sadang Station(stop 226,433), exit 1, Green Bus Seocho17, Naebang Station (stop 7735), Exit 3, Green bus Seocho 07, 15. 
Website has some information in English

Address: 59, Jangchungdan-ro (58 Jangchungdan-gil), Jung-gu
Directions: Take the subway to Dongguk University Station on Line 3 (stop 332) exit 6. From there you can flag a taxi or take a suttle bus at exit 2 (shuttle buses available for all performances except for those that are free) 
Tel: 02-2280-4114 (info and reservations)
Booking information in English via the NTOK website. Click on English, then on Performance, then on Booking Information. Foreign nationals will need a Korean's ID to book online but reservations can be made by phone or in person.
Shuttle  bus boarding information:
Before performance: In front of Namsan Circulation Bus Stop, Exit 6 of Dongguk Univ. Station (Line 3/Stop332)
Route : Dongguk Univ. Station(Line. 3)→National Theater of Korea
Operating time : Every 10 minutes from 1 hour to 20 minutes before performance
Ex) If the performance is 19:30 - Bus departure time : 18:30, 18:40, 19:00, 19:10
After performance: Cultural Plaza in front of Haeoreum Grand Theater
Route : National Theater of Korea→ exit 1 of Dongguk Univ. Station(Line. 3)→
Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station (2/4/5) Exit 1 Gwanghui Intersection
Website has information in English 

NOWON ARTS CENTER   노원 문화 예술회관 
Address: 181 Junggye-ro (364-3 Chungebon-dong), Nowon-gu
Tel 02-951-3355
Directions: Get off at Hagye Station (line#7, Stop 715) , take exit 3, there take bus (Ilji Hospital direction)Nu 1141, get off at Buram Elementary School station, cross the road, follow the curve to Nowon Arts Center. Or, get off at Nowon Station(line #4 Stop 411) or (line #7, Stop 713), exit 1, take bus 1142 then get off at Buram Elementary School station, cross the road follow the curve to Nowon Arts Center
Website and map in Korean only 

Address: 424 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Phone: 02-410-1114
Directions: Located near exit 3 of Olympic Park Station on subway line 5, Stop P550. Various gymnasiums are used for concerts, including the Gymnastics and Cycling Gymnasiums. Entrance is usally East Gate No. 2. MAP and more directions.
Info: General information available here

Address: 35, Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu
Tel: 02-325-6071
Directions: Sangsu Station (Subway Line 6, Stop 623), Exit 1. Go straight for 200m and turn right onto Eoulmadang-ro.Turn left at the first corner to see the black sign of Rolling Hall on your right. OR
Hapjeong Station (Subway Line 2 or 6, Stops 238 or 622), Exit 6.Go straight for about 500m and turn left at the corner of Coa Mart (코아마트) onto Eoulmadang-ro. Turn left at the first corner to see the black sign of Rolling Hall on your right.
Website (Korean only)

Address: 20 Hongjimun 2-gil (1-38 Dongsung-dong), Jongno-gu
Tel: 02-2075-2173  (may be English speaker available)
Directions: Take subway line #4 to Hyehwa Station (stop 420) and go out exit 1 - Make a right and walk for 78 meters. Sangmyung Art Hall will be on your right. (less than 4 minutes walk)
Website is in Korean only

SEJONG CENTER (for the Performing Arts)   세종문화회관
Address: 175 Sejong-daero ( 81-3 Sejongro), Jongno-gu
Box office: Telephone 02-399-1114~6
Office Hours 09:00~20:00 /Holidays and Sunday Hours: 12:00~20:00. The box office is in the building with one-piece glass window at the front when walking up the central stairs next to the Grand Theater in the direction of Sejong-ro. 
Directions: Gwanghwamun Station on Line 5 (stop 533) exit 1 or 8. MAP. Located across from Kyobo Bookstore.
Website has information in English

Address:  2406 Nambusunhwan-ro (Seocho-dong 700), Seocho-gu
Directions: Located in Seochu-dong accross the Panpo (Banpo) Bridge from Itaewon. Drive accross Panpo Bridge and keep going straight to the end of the road. The Seoul Arts Center is right in front of you. Turn left and then make an immediate right to get into the parking lot
Or take the Subway to Nambu Bus Terminal Station on Line 3 (stop 341). Go out exit 4 /5 and walk about 15-20 minutes or take a taxi
Taking the bus is another option: Shuttle bus No. 12 or regular bus No. 4429 are some of the options. Parking available - get your admission ticket stamped in the Gallery Lobby Information Desk for a discount
TICKETS: SAC provides an online ticketing option for foreign nationals (no citizen ID number required). Go to the SAC website or click on ENGLISH at the top right corner, then on Programs and then on How to Book for information on the various booking options..
Website has program and most other information in English 

Address: Mecenatpolis 2F, 60 Yanghwa-ro 11 gil, Mapo-gu
Directions: Hapjeong subway station (Line 2 Stop 238 or Line 6, Stop 622)

Address: 664 Cheonho-daero (25, Neong-dong), Gwangjin-gu - accross from the Rear Gate (parking lot) of the Children's Grand Park.
Tel: 070-7124-1740 / 02-452-0035
Directions: Subway Line 5 Achasan station, Stop 545,  Exit 4. Located accross from the Rear Gate (parking lot) of the Children's Grand Park. 
Website is in Korean only
(Was previously called Little Angels Performing Arts Center)

V-HALL  브이홀
Address: 25, Hongik-ro (356-1 Seogyo-dong), Mapo-gu
Tel: 02-338-0957
Directions: Hongik Univ. Subway Station,  (Line 2-Stop 239, A'REX Line - Stop A03) Exit 9
Website: in Korean only and accessible only to members in Korea

YES24 LIVE HALL (was AX-KOREA) 예스24라이브홀
Address: 20, Gucheonmyeon-ro (319-33 Guangjang-dong), Guangjin-gu
Tel: 02-457-5114
Getting there:  Go to Gwangnaru Station on Line 5, Stop 546. Take Exit 2, go straight until you see a big gray building on your right with "I will" sign on it. From the gray building, turn right and walk straight past the gray building for about 3~4 minutes. You will find Yes24 Live Hall on your right. The following buses stop in near Gwangnaru Station: Blue Buses 130, 342, 370 and Red Bus 9301. MAP and directions (Korean).
By taxi:  서울 광진구 광장동 319-33)
Website in Korean only    

YES24 LIVE HALL 예스24 무브홀
Address: Seomun Building 32, Jandari-ro. Mapo-gu. Seoul
Tel: 010-3692-6082
Directions: Go out Exit 3 of Hapjeong Station (Line 2 Stop 238 / Line 6 Stop 622) and walk straight in the direction of the Sokydong intersection. At BoBo Hotel (보보호텔) turn right and walk straight for about 200m. Cross the road at the crosswalk and you will see Yes24 Muv Hall.

Address: 150, Noksapyeong-daero (34-87 Itaewon-dong), Yongsan-gu. Located in the Yongsan District Office Building
Tel: 02-2199-7260
Directions:  Option 1 - Take subway line #6 and get off at Noksapyeong Station (Stop 629, Exit #3. From Exit 3) Walk to the pedestrian crossing light, cross the street, turn right.and go straight until you come to the big glass building, near the Crown Hotel
Option 2 - From the Itaewon Subway Station, (Stop 630, Exits #1 or #20. Walk toward Noksapyung Subway Station on the MacDonald's side of the street. Go all the way to the end then turn left (no crossing). Go straight until you come to the big glass building, near the Crown Hotel
Website in Korean only

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Image: Seoul Art Center

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