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Concert Halls, Around Korea

Concert Halls, Around Korea

Cheonan Arts Center - Cheonan 천안 아트센터
Address: 710 Yongwonli, Sungnammyun, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan
Tel: 1566-0155 
Performance Calendar
Exhibition Calendar
Getting there: Go out Exit #1 at Cheonan station. Go straight 50m to get to the main street. Turn right and go 100M. Take the 401 bus and then get off at the Cheonan Art Center Station. Takes about 45 minutes.

Daejeon Culture & Arts Center    대전문화예술의전당
Address: (396 Mannyeon-dong) 135, Dunsan-daero, Seo-gu, Daejeon
Tel: 042-610-2222 (for English speakers)
Map and Directions
Booking Info

Gyeongju Art Center   경주예술의전당
Address: 988 Hwangseong-dong, Gyeongju 
Tel: 1588-4925
Map and Directions (Korean only)

Gimhae Arts and Sports Center - Gimhae  김해문화의전당
Address: 1131 Naedong, Gimahe, South Gyeongsang Province 621-905
Tel: 055-320-1234, 1223~5
Getting there: near Yeonji Park

Incheon Culture and Arts Center - Incheon 인천 종합문화 예술회관
Address: 1408, Guweol-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon
Tel: 032-427-8401
Getting there: Transfer to Incheon Metro at Bupyeong Station of Subway Line No. 1, and get off at the Incheon Culture & Arts Center Station (Gate No. 6 and 7)
Map & Directions

Chunhyang Cultural Arts Hall
  - Namwon 춘향문화예술회관
Address: 37-69 Uh Hyun Dong, Namwon Jeollabuk-do
Tel: 063-620-6168 (if no English speaker, contgact 063-1330 for assistance)
Website: none
Getting there: across the stream from the Gwanghallu-won at the Namwon Bridge. 

National Center for Korean Folk Performing Arts - Namwon 국립민속국악원 
Address: 55 Yang Lim Road, Namwon Jeollabuk-do(590-100) 
Tel: 063-620-2324 (if no English speaker, contact 063-1330 for assistance)
Getting There: There are no direct buses to the center. The best way to get there is to take a bus to Gwanghallu and then walk 10 min. from the National Folk Music House.
Note: Created to preserve Korean folk traditions, the Center puts on traditional music performances every Saturday at 5PM.  

National Center for Korean Namdo Performing Arts - Jindo  국립남도국악원

Address: 373 Sang Man Li, Im Hee Myun, Jindo, Jeollanamdo
Tel: 061-540-4031~4 (if no English speaker, contact 061-1330 for assistance)
Getting there: cross Jindo Bridge, go past Jindo-eub, continuing to Pyeongmok (see sign), then turn left at the Sangwon Intersection. 
Performance Calendar (Korean only)
Note: The center provides various performances, programs of training or experiences, and research activities. There are regular performances on Friday evening at the main "Jinahkdang" theater.


K4E Note: This is a partial list of the performance venues outside Seoul. If you have information on one in your area, please let us know (if possible with all pertinent information) at

Image - Daejeon Culture & Arts Center

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