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Concert Halls, Gyeonggi-do

Concert Halls, Gyeonggi-do

Ansan Culture & Arts Center 안산문화예술의전당
Address: 163 Hwarang-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel: 031-481-4000
Website: has intro and directions in English, but performance calendar and descriptions in Korean only
Directions: From Exit #1 of Gojan Station, Line 4, Stotp 451. Walk straight for about 400m

Art Center Mahno  아트센터마노
Address: 34 Bok Pyung Ri, Bo Gae Myun, An Seong
Tel: 031-6767-815
No website
Directions:  Take Kyunboo Expressway, pass Ahn Sung, and go straight towards Jang Ho Won. Pass through Dae Duk Tunnel, and pass the Ssangool Bridge. Follow the signs to Art Center Mahno.
Map/directions: (Korean)

Seongnam Arts Center  성남아트센터
Address: 757 YaTap Dong, Bundang-Gu, Seongnam
Tel: 031-783-8000
Website: some English, including map and directions. Performance information generally in Korean only.
Directions from Seoul: go towards the SooJi and JookJun district.(over the Seongnam Bridge).
Option 1:  From Imae Station (Bundang Line), Stop K227. Go out Exit #1 and walk straight for 10 minutes (located left of the Hatap Underpass).
Option 2: Take a taxi from Seohyun Station (Bundang Line), Stop K228 and take a taxi (fare: about 2,000 won).
Option 3: Take Bus No. 9403 from Euljiro 5-ga Intersection or Jamsil Station (Subway Line 2 Stop 216 or Line 8 Stop 814) and get off at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry bus stop. Seongnam Art Center is a five-minute walk from the stop.

Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Complex 고양아람누리 고양어울림누리
together with the  Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Complex
Address: 1286 Jungang-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang
Website:  Some general information in English, but events schedule mainly in Korean only. One can figure out performances from calendar and pop-ups
Directions: Exit number 3, Jeongbalsan station, stop 312 (Line 3, for Daehwa)1 minute walk from subway station. More Directions/Map.

Goyang Cultural Foundation  양문화재단
Address: 777 Seoung Sa Dong, Deok Yang Gu, Goyang
Tel: 1577-7766
Website: minimal English
Directions: near Hwa-Jeong Station (line number 3, stop 316), Exit 2

Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center  고양아람누리 고양어울림누리
Address: 779-4 Seongsa-dong, Deogyang-gu, Goyang
Tel: 1577-7766
Website: Events information in Korean only
Directions: Wondang Station, Line 3, Stop 317, Exit 4. Walk in the direction of the underground motorway. Turn left and walk 15 minutes through the alley of Shin Wondang Apartment Complex. Or from Hwajeong Station (Line 3 Exit 316) go out Exit 3 and talke local bus 6-1 to Hwajeong-dong Office (5 minutes). More Directions/Map.

Guri Art Hall  구리아트홀
Address: 453 Achasan-ro (390 Gyomun 1-dong), Guri
Tel 031-550-8800
Website: has some information in English, including directions
Directions: Guri Station, Jungang LIne, Stop K123. Cross the pedestrian crosswalk  and take Vilage

Gwacheon Citizen Hall 과천CS 
Address: 5 Tongyeong-ro, Gwacheon
Tel: 2-504-7300 / Hotline:1544-8808
Tickets: information in Korean
Website: in Korean only
Directions: Government Complex Gwacheon Station, Line 4, Stop 438, Exits 9 or 10. 

Bansuk Art Hall 반석 아트홀

Address: 108 Bansongdong, Hwaseong
Directions: Exit #1 at Seodongtan station (Line 1, Stop P157-1). Go left 20m, turn right 20m, go left 80m, turn right at ‘10g’. Walk strait 400m up to the Seodongtan intersection, then cross the street going toward the apartment building. Walk straight 20m up to Shinil APT station. Take bus number 17, 17-1 get off after 13 stations (note bus may not stop at all stops) at Hwasung City Culture Foundation station.

Hwaseong Banseok Art Hall  화성시문화재단
Address: 145 Taean-no (743 Byeongjeom-dong), Hwaseong
Directions: Byeongjeom Station, Subway Line 1, Stop P157, Exit 2
Tel: 1588-5234
Website in Korean only
Directions: Exit #2 at Byungjeom station(Line 1. Stop P157) turn left and walk straight 100m, then turn left. Go straight 400M.

Heyri Art Valley  헤이리 예술 마을
Address: Heyri TanHyun-Myun, Paju
Tel: 031-946-8551~3 / 070-7704-1665
Website: some basoc information available in English about Heyri Art Valley
Directions: Located in Paju, just north of Seoul.
Buses from Seoul:
At Exit no. 5 of Daehwa Station (Seoul Subway Line no. 3 Stop 310), walk to the bus station to the rear of the station. Take bus 200 which comes about every hour. (1,400 won, 50 minute ride) First bus starts at 7:50p.m., the last bus at 11p.m.
Bus #2200 leaves every 15 minutes from Hapjeong Station, Exit 2 (Lines 2/6, Stops 238/622)

Gyeonggi Arts Center  경기도 문화의  당
Address: 1117 In Gye Dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon
Tel: 031-230-3440~2 / 1544-2344/3239
Website:  some information in English, Japanese, Chinese. Check Korean section to check out full list of events.
Directions:  Take a taxi from Exit 5 of Suwon Station (Line 1 Stop P154) - 10 minute taxi ride.
More Directions/Map.

Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra Center  수원시립예  
Address: 270 Dong Suwon-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon
Tel: 031-228-2813~4
Directions: Located near Suwon Station on subway line 1 (Stn P154).
Exit Number 6: go straight 50m, then cross the street and go left 100m to the Yeokjun bus station. Take either bus number 51 or 52 getting off at Imgwan APT, 수원 야외음악당( Ya wa e eum ahk dang) Est time:20M including walking time. 

Uijeongbu Arts Center  의정부 예술의 전당
Address: 323 Uijeongbu-dong, Uijeongbu
Tel: 031 828-5841~2
Website: Korean only
Directions: A twenty-minute walk from Uijeongbu Station, Subway Line 1, Stop 110.
Taxi: costs the basic fare or just over. Catch taxis at Exit 1.
Bus: Go out subway Exit 3. Go straight 100m to the Uijeongbu bus station, then take bus number 202, 202-1, 206-2, 207. Get off at the Arts Center.
More Directions/Map.

Poeun Art Hall  포은아트홀
Address: 499 Poeundaero, Yongin City 
Tel: 031-260-3355
Website: performance information in Korean only
Directions: Take the Bundang subway line to Jukjeon Station (Dankook University - Stop K233), and go out Exit 1. Walk approximately 300meters towards Poongdeokcheon Intersection.
More directions/map.

Yongin Women's Center/Hall  용인여성 회 관
Tel: 031-260-3360 / 260-3352
Directions: Get off at Jukjeon station (Bundang line, stop K233), take bus Nos. 67, 67-1, 68, 69, 690 and get off at Hengjon Town, walk 5 min till Yongin Women Hall. Short taxi ride from metro station. 

Yongin Cultural Foundation  용인문화재단
Tel: 82-31-260-3313
Address: 1st floor Yongin Poeun Art Hall, 499 Poeun-daero, Suji-gu, Yongin
Directions: Get off at Jukjeon station (Bundang line, stop K233), take bus Nos. 67, 67-1, 68, 69, 690 and get off at Hengjon Town. Walk 5 min to Yongin Women Hall.
Short taxi ride from metro station, which costs the basic taxi fare.
Bus: Exit 3 from Jukjeon station. Take bus #17-1, 14-1 at the Jookjeon bus station at Park Tower getting off at the Suji gu office, Suji post office, Lotte mart. Go left 100M, then cross the street going  toward the post office. Go right 50M, then turn left going straight 150M.
Directions/Map in English 

K4E Note: This is a partial list of the performance venues in Gyeonggi-do. If you have information on one in your area, please let us know (if possible with all pertinent information) at


Image Source Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Complex 

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