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Arriving at Incheon or Gimpo Airport

Arriving at Incheon or Gim...

The more centrally located but older Gimpo Airport caters only to the shuttle service to Tokyo and domestic flights within South Korea. Gimpo Airport is easily reached on subway Line 5 (W1100 and 50 minutes to downtown), and you can transfer to/from Incheon Airport with the A'REX rail link.

Nearly all international flights to Seoul land at the Incheon International Airport,  west of the city. The airport is well signposted and caters to all your traveler needs, and even includes a sauna, an optician, and a small mall. It also has two tourist information offices and many Global ATMs.

The A'REX train offers Express services (53 min - train comes every 30 minutes) and Commuter services (53 min every 12 minutes or so) into Seoul.  For more details, see the K4E Airport Trains page.

The distance between the two airports is 20.75 miles / 33.39 km.
The A'REX train provides transportation between the two airports. The travel time by Express is 28 minutes (the train comes every 30 minutes) and by Commuter is 33 minutes (train comes about every 12 minutes).

Buses run directly to Seoul and are probably the best option for most travellers. Many "limousine buses" (W14,000 or so) travel directly to major hotels in Seoul, while public buses (around W8,000) will take you to major transit hubs, as will a number of limousine buses. Consult the big maps to figure out which route best suits your needs; you can then find the shuttles outside the first floor arrivals level. Or you can simply walk out and ask the many ticket sellers (they are wearing vests) which bus goes to your hotel or to the area you need to get to. For more information on airport buses, visit the Incheon Airport English website

Taxis to Seoul will run around W40,000/60,000 or more, be it a regular (grey) or deluxe (black) taxi. As both buses and taxis are subject to traffic, allow extra time for rush hour delays. As fares are affected not only by distance but also by time, the cost of taking a taxi can vary greatly. Note also that you will be expected the pay the toll on the airport highway (W6,900). For more details, visit the Incheon Airport English website.

Transit Travellers: If you have time to kill at the airport but don't have the time or energy to face Seoul's traffic, see Incheon or Yeongjong Island for some layover suggestions. If you're connecting through ICN to another destination on Korean/Asiana and have over 6 hours to spare, you may be entitled to a free transit tour or hotel — ask at the transit desk.

K4E Editor: tries to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and complete, so should you notice any errors or omissions in the content above please contact us at

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