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Mobile Point Cards - SK

Mobile Point Cards - SK

There are three mobile membership cards: KT, LG, SK. The one you join willl depend on which one provides your cell phone service.


Eligibility: you must be an SK subscriber before you can receive an SK member's card.

How to use and earn points: Show your membership card when purchasing from shops (refer to BENEFITS under each company), type your membership card number when purchasing from online shops (refer to BENEFITS) to receive discount. 

How to Apply:
1. Visit an SK Agency (TTL-zone). Bring ID (passport OK). The agencies list is in Korean only
2. Call the CS Center: 080-252-5011 or toll-free number (114) from your SK cell phone.
English and Japanese speakers are available at the 080 number, but may not be on the toll free number.
3. If you read Korean, you can register online. There is English on the site, but the card application form is in Korean only. You will need to register on the Korea section  - menus are in Korean with some English. Go to the site, click on [Membership/Event] -> [Membership Card] -> [Application for the card].

Membership Levels:
There are 4 membership levels (VIP, Gold, Silver, General member) depending on your annual spending. SK estimates your annual spending to determine your membership level every November with level changes becoming valid from January 1st.  To know your level, visit the SK website or call the CS center (080-252-5011 or toll-free number (114). Membership levels and Points of each are:
VIP: 100,000 Points (equivalent to 100,000won)
Gold: 70,000 Points (equivalent to 70,000won)
Silver: 50,000 Points (equivalent to 50,000won)
General: 30,000 Points (equivalent to 30,000won)

Benefits of SK Membership**:
1. Movie Theaters:

 CGV, Cinus -  1,000won discount

2. Family Restaurants:
 T.G.I Friday’s, Marche, Bennigan’s, Benicia (except salad bar)- 20% discount
 Outback - 15% discount

3. Bakery:
 Paris BAQUETTE, SHILLA Bakery, Crown Bakery, KangdongO Cake - 10% discount

4. Pizza:
 Mr.Pizza (except set menu), PAPA JOHN’S (except set menu, 1~2 portion menu), Domino’s pizza (except set menu) - 15% discount

5. Clothes Shopping:
STCO - 10% discount, K-SWISS - 5% discount

6. Amusement Parks:
Lotte World - 40% discount / Seoul Land - 30% discount

7. Fast Foods/Beverage Shops:
A TWOSOME PLACE 10% discount / Spaghettia 20% discount
Omutotomato 10% discount (except set menu)
Natuur  and Lotteria 100won discount per 1,000won
Chaiwok 10% discount (except set menu, beverage, alcoholics)

8. Museums and Theme Parks:
Bear Tree Park 10% discount / Toy Museum 10% discount
N Tower Teddy Bear Museum, Jeju Teddy Bear Museum 10% discount
Gana Art Center - free admisision plus 5% discount at restaurant
OKids Town Botanical Garden 1,000won discount
Daejanggeum Theme Park 500~1,000won discount / Hwasuk Museum 10% discount

9. Leisure & Living:
Family Mart 15% discount / SK Knights free entrance

10. Online Entertainment:
Melon – MP3 download 50% discount / CINEWELL.COM 100% point payment

11. Online Shopping, Leisure & Living:
Hotelnjoy - 10% discount / Tourvis - 5,000~10,000 won discount
KunHo Rentcar - 40% discount (except Jeju area) / FotoCube - 55% discount

12. Online Bookstore:
 Kyobo Bookstore - 2,000won discount

13. Hair and Beauty Salons:
Choigaeul Hair and Gaiee Hair and Oda Hair-  30% discount for products
Parkseungcheol Hair Studio 20% discount for products

** VIP’s Benefits include above plus the following
Domino’s Pizza, Mr.Pizza, PAPA JOHNS - 30% discount(except set menu)
E-Mart – when purchasing voucher, 10% discount / CGV – Cinema 6 free tickets

**Check the SK website periodically for updates on benefits. You will sometimes receive messages on your phone regarding promotions, etc.

K4E Editor's Note: wants to provide the most accurate and complete information possible so if you noticed any errors or omissions on this page, please let us know at

Last Updated on 2021-12-12

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