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The National Pension Service has announced that it is providing "Total Care Service" to foreign residents in Korea that allows foreign natioanls working here to receive the same national pension benefits provided to Korean nationals.

The service includes educating (training) foreign nationals employed in Korea about he national pension scheme at varous counselling centers around the countryoperated by the NPS. The NPS also offers some training off-site for those who cannot come to the service centers. Training is provided in 5-7 languages including English Mandarin, Thai,, Indonesian and Mongolian.

For more details, click on this page on the NPS website or go to the website and  click on International Programs green tab and then on Training. 
To apply contact the Center for International Affairs of the National Pension Service at Tel: +82-2-2176-8721, Fax: +82-2-3485-9803, or e-mail

NPS Central Information Line for Korean language speakers: 'dial' 1355 or  +82-63-73-6900

Information in English is available through or through your regional pension office (see telephone list here.)
Tto check your benefits including the lump-sum refund in English, call the Center for International Affairs on 02-2176-8700) or visit an NPS office with your identity card (see list of offices here - click on the region on the map for the offices in that region.)

For more details about the pension eligibility of foreign nationals and how to claim the refunds from both inside and outside Korea, see our Pension Refund When in Canada page.


Editor's Note: The information above is based on the information K4E has available at the time of writing.(Some is from the NPS website). Given how difficult it can be sometimes to obtain clear and complete information in Korea as well as how quickly rules can change, please see this as a guide and do follow-up with the appropriate Korean government bodies to confirm its accuracy and/or to get the most current answers. K4E would appreciate your feedback should you find out that our information is out-of-date. Conta\ct us at

Last Updated on 2016-05-21

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