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Some of the chain restaurants in Seoul have kids' playrooms to keep the little ones occupied while you dine in peace. The playrooms usually don't have an attendant, but it is often possible to get a table within view of the playroom. You’ll generally get the best chance of a good table and less-crowded restaurant by going around 5 p.m.  Note: The following list is nowhere near complete so please do contact us at to share places you've discovered or post the information on the forum.

Suji's Restaurants - Suji's in Itaewon is a replica watches regular dining-out place for families  especially during their weekend brunch. There are children's menu options and the paper table mat is great for children to colour-in. The restaurant provides crayons for the children. There are also high chairs available. Sujie's is located at the entrance to Itaewon, just up the street from the Crown Hotel and the Yongsan District Office building. Tel: 02-797-3698. For more on Suji's including detailed directions, click here.

MacDonald's in Mok-dong: To get there, go across the Seongsan Bridge, then take the cutoff to the right under the sign for Mok-dong Apartments, cross another bridge over a creek and stay in the left lane. You'll see the Golden Arches on the left. Park on the street and an attendant will put a parking stub on your car. If you keep your receipt, parking is free. If you accidentally throw it away with the ketchup like I have done, parking is W3000 an hour. A Happy Meal costs about W3000 and the playroom is upstairs. This place also has a room for birthday parties. Go on Saturday nights at your own risk (very crowded) but fun most of the time.

ChiChiecemi is located to the rear of the CBS building in Mok-dong, near Hyundai Department Store: The playroom is behind a glass wall with about eight tables nearby so you have a good chance at a good view if you go early.

Toni Roma's in Yeouido has a giant ball pit for its playroom and a kid-friendly staff.

TGI Fridays in Yeouido in the Lotte Castle Ivy building always gives kids a free balloon. The playroom is small but fun, and there’s always a video playing.

Big Kahuna's near the Express Bus Terminal (just across from Itaewon over the Pampo Bridge – turn left and make a U-turn at the next light – the restaurant is on the right - in Seocho-gu is a fun place for bigger kids too.

Korean Restaurants: Some restaurants even give the kids their own plastic bowls, cups, mini forks, spoons and chopsticks. Lots of Korean restaurants have highchairs, too.

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