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What's New on K4E?

by Anne Ladouceur, 19/03/2009

What's New on K4E?

In time for the yellow dust ‘season’, we have added a new feature to the information on the right hand side of the home page – a yellow dust/sand meter has been added to the weather report and currency converter. A quick glance at the Korea4Expats homepage on a daily basis will show you, at a glance, the level of dust particles in the atmosphere. Because the dust settles on buildings and other outdoor objects, as well as on people and animals, it continues to be blown around by the wind and by the movement of people and vehicles, thus affecting people’s health even when the atmospheric levels are low. For that reason, you may find it helpful to check the meter daily – if you notice it is high on a particular day, you’ll know that the ground levels will still be high, even if the meter shows low level in the atmosphere.

If you’re new to Korea and want to know more about yellow dust or what you should do to protect yourself, click here

Thanks to the efforts of Rebecca and some new expat moms, we’ve added a section on Having a Baby in Korea in the Living in Korea tab. There are a number of different pages in the section and we hope to add more data in the coming months. We invite those of you, who have gone through the experience of pregnancy and birth in Korea and who would like to add to the information we have, to contact us at To start checking out what we’ve posted, click here.

Along with what we had already posted on National Health Insurance, Severance Pay, Pension, Income Taxes and Labor Complaints, we have added information on Workplace Sexual Harassment outlining employer obligations and employee rights in the Working & Business tab. Click here to connect to the section.

Under the About Korea tab we’ve added a number of sections related to traditional customs regarding adoption, the lives of women and intercultural marriages.

And as you have probably already noticed, we now have a listing of English movies or Korean ones with English subtitles (in Seoul) thanks to our volunteer film researcher, Ms. H. Lee. The movies listings are updated once a week, generally on Thursday or Friday morning, in time for the weekend.  We would love to add listings for other areas in Korea and would be happy to hear from you if you’d like to volunteer to help out. Contact us at

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