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Leaving Korea - Shipping Belongings

Leaving Korea - Shipping B...

Regardless of whether you came to Korea with a container of furniture and household goods or with two suitcases, you will likely have acquired more stuff during your stay.

Over and above international branches, there are also local companies with experience in international moves. The advantage of the former is that the staff is unlikely to all be unilingual Korean. That said, most will be while some of the smaller local companies, have English (and other languages)-speaking staff.  Some of these companies will also handle small moves if you have too much to seen via post but not enough to fill a container. If you’re not moving with the same company you used when coming to Korea or if you are looking for a company to handle a small move, you can check the Directory for companies that support   

Sending your belongings home by mail is an easy and relatively inexpensive ‘moving’ option – and you have choices here as well.
Packing can be done at your home (after purchasing the designated boxes at your local post office) or at the post office itself. Packing materials – the post office sells boxes (5 different sizes) at very competitive prices. Bubble wrap, tape, glue, etc. are all free if you’re finishing up your packaging on site.

Mail Options:
1. EMS – Express Mail Service is the fastest (one week or less to North American for example) but also the priciest option. The special EMS labels are bilingual – Korean and English, which makes them easy to fill out. And the bonus of EMS is that the Post Office will pick up your packages saving you having to make a trip (or many trips) to the Post Office with your boxes.
2. Air Mail  takes a little longer than EMS (about 2 weeks to North America) and is a bit less expensive.
3. Surface Mail can take up to 2-3 months to arrive but it’s a very affordable option. A large box full of clothing can cost less than W40,000 to mail.

Mailing costs are determined by weight and zone (country). You can visit the post office website for details. More information is also available in the postal services section of K4E.  

Packing materials – the post office sells boxes (5 different sizes) at very competitive prices. Bubble wrap, tape, glue, etc. are all free if your finishing up your packaging on site. Staff at most post offices will help you fill out the forms. Note: if you're packing at the post office, you may want to finish the packing and then go to the counter.

K4E Note: We try to provide information that is as complete and accurate as possible. However, should you notice any errors or omissions on this page, please let us know at

Last Updated on 2015-04-12

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