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Pension Refund from Outside Korea

Pension Refund from Outsid...

Even if you are not in Korea, you can apply for your lump-sum refund. The claim can be made by you or by an agent.

(1) Claim by a relative of the foreign contributor living in Korea (such as: spouse, lineal ascendants or descendants, siblings, parents in law, spouses of lineal descendants, siblings in law.
Required documents
- An application for Korean Benefits
- A hand-written letter of attorney
- A copy of the claimant's passport
- A family register document confirming the relationship (attested by a Korean Embassy.)
- The agent's ID card
- A copy of either the agent bankbook or the claimant's local bankbook. (If an overseas remittance is requested, fill out the Application for Overseas and provide a bank statement or void check on which the claimant's name and account number are printed). 

(2) Claim by an attorney outside Korea:
If the claimant is no longer in Korea, a lawyer may apply for the lump-sum refund on her/his behalf. 
Required documents
- A notarized letter granting power of attorney in this matter (notarized by a notary in which the claimant resides) and attested by the Korean Embassy of that country.
- A copy of the claimant's passport
- Information on the receiving bank

(3) Claim by an attorney in Korea:
If the claimant is no longer in Korea, a local lawyer may apply for the lump-sum refund on her/his behalf.
Required documents
- The claimant must write a letter granting the local lawyer power of attorney. The letter should be notarised and include the agent's Resident Registration, Full Nam, Address, and other pertinant details.
- The agent/lawyer in Korea must have the power of attorney document translated into Korean and then notarized here as well.
- A copy of the claimant's passport
- Information on the receiving bank

(4) Claim by mail from outside Korea:
The claimant can mail in her/his refund application.
Required documents:
- A letter from an atttorney notarized and attested by the Korean Embassy
- A copy of the claimant's passport
- Completed application for overseas remittance
- Information on the receiving bank

For more information, visit or contact 

Application forms can be found on the National Pension Service website. For Korean Benefits / For Overseas Remittance

Editor's Note: The information above is based on the information K4E has available at the time of writing. Given how difficult it is to obtain clear and complete information in Korea as well as how quickly rules can change, please see this as a guide and do follow-up with the appropriate Korean government bodies to confirm its accuracy and/or to get the most current answers. K4E would appreciate your feedback should you find out that our information is out-of-date. Contact us at

Last Updated on 2016-05-21

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