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Paying Highway Tolls with Hi-pass

The HI-pass system allows drivers to pay highway tolls without having to stop and hand over cash.

Hi-pass requires both an Onboard Unit (OBU) and a Hi-pass card.
You can get OnBoard Unit (OBU) at the following locations: 
- highway business offices (there are about 92 of them around the country)
- major highway rest stops
- car repairing centers and gas/petrol stations
- outlets in shopping malls
- some banks: Industrial bank of Korea, Shinhan Bank, and Hanabank 
- On-line shopping malls

The HI-pass card is available in many of the above listed locations, but not in banks. You can charge the car with amounts ranging from W10,000 to W480,000. There is a W5,000 deposit when your first purchase the card, which can be topped up at any bank.

If person you ask does not understand OBU or Onboard Unit, try this Korean expressions: Dan mal gi.

For the current cost of the units, click on the website. You should see a pop-up with a range of units and their prices.

The discount drivers get from using Hi-pass varies from 5% to 50% depending on the time of day and the specific highway. There is a section on the hi-pass website where you can calculate what your discount will be by inputting, in Korean, the road information and the time of day/night when you will be travelling on it. 
The Hi-pass website is in Korean only.  Internet Explorer recommended for this as well as many other Korean websites.

Paying Hi-pass via credit card: A K4E Visitor reported that as of August 2013, it appears that even if s/he has a Korean credit card, and can read and use the hipass card site, it is not possible for a foreign national to register a credit-card hipass card through hipass: the system does not accept foreign id numbers, even if they are supported by a PKI certificate. The card registers the charges but does not transfer them to a credit for payment as is the norm for Korean nationals. Previously, foreign nationals were able to register their credit card with Hipass but that is no longer the case (it may have happened when the website address was changed). If you contact the Hi-pass helpline staff will insist there is no problem so, if possible, have them go through the process with you. They will then discover that the site does not accept the ID numbers issued to foreign nationals

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Last Updated on 2014-02-17

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