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Government Websites - Work

Government Websites - Work

Official government websites for information on working in Korea: 

Human Rights
National Human Rights Commission of Korea provides information in English on how to file a complaint. There is a hot line number - 1331. Email address: The Commission indicates that it provides complaint forms (in a complaint form box) in detention and/or protective centers. Translation services said to be available at the Jung-gu Center. Address: Gumsegi Building, 16 Ulgiro (Euljiro) 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul. Tel: 02-2125-9700. Other centers listed on the website.

Income Taxes
National Tax Service
offers hot-line for foreign taxpayers 1588-0560 (old one 02-397-1440 - no longer works). Interpretation service is 18 languages also availalbe - request must be made in Korean or English at your district tax office.
You can check out how much you should be paying each month by clicking here and then on the Check Your Monthly Withholding Tax box. 

Legal Information - General
Ministry of Government Legislation (this is also a new website address) - The Korean Ministry of Government Legislation (MOLEG) has launched an English-language website to provide foreign investors, workers, students, and married immigrants in Korea with legal information.   The site offers details on foreign investment, employment, marriage in Korea, and other topics.

Government of Korea for Foreigners (Hi Korea) provides information on a number of areas of interest to foreign residents/visitors, including immigration, investment, and more.

Pension Information
NPS - National Pension Scheme (click on English near middle of menu bar)
For information on International Social Security Agreements click here. Near the bottom of the English page, you'll see Social Security Agreement/Contracting Countries. Click on your country (if it's there).
Pension Application forms: 
Application for Korean Benefits.
Application for Overseas Remittance

Working Conditions
Ministry of Employment and Labor (was previously Ministry of Labor - after name change in June 2010 website address also changed)
Labor Standards Act:  click here, then for Info: (1) Click on Resources / (2) Click on Rules and Regulations / (3) Click on 1 Labor Standards Act

Much of the information contained on these sites is quite useful. However, it is important to note that it is not always complete and that you often must make additional inquiries. Do not be surprised either if you’ve heard or read something that is different from the content of any of the above sites. Sometimes, rules/laws are changed but there is a lag in the time between the adoption of the rule/legislation and updates of the English site.

It doesn’t hurt to e-mail and ask specific questions or to confirm that the information you’ve read on the English site is accurate. A written inquiry is often more helpful than a verbal one. Since reading is taught from a relatively early age, people here often find it easier to deal with written requests in English rather than verbal questions. To avoid misunderstandings, it is also helpful to get the answers in writing. However, questions are not always answered in a punctual manner.

Note: We try our best at K4E to provide accurate and current information. However given the rapid changes that occur in Korea, we may occasionally fall behind. If you notices an error or outdated information above, please let us know at Note also that  government regulations and proceedures may have changed from what has been described above or may not apply in all situations/cases. K4E recommends that you check with the appropriate government office and/or officials prior to going forward.  

Last Updated on 2015-01-26

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