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Change of Address Reporting Requirement

Change of Address Reportin...

All foreign residents must report changes in the particulars of their Alien Registration Card within fourteen (14) days of the occurence of such changes, including:
- Address change (even if only change of unit in same building)
- Name, civil status, nationality changes
- Passport changes, including passport number, date of issuance, or expiration date changes
- Detail changes (including name change) of organisation for D1, D2 and D4 visa holders

The changes may be recorded on the back of your Alien Registration Card (ARC) or simply on your immigration record.

Failure to report can result in the imposition of a fine. The amount of the fine will be determine on a 'case-by-case basis'. For many the initial fine is W100,000 - it may also be calculated on a daily basis. 

How to report change: 
Online: As of November 2011, foreign residents can register their change of address online. Go to (Note that you may have to cut and paste the link) then click on English. You may need to use Internet Explorer to access the form and to download ActiveX. Once you're in, click on Forms on the right side of the page.
In person: You can go to your Gu-office or to your local immigration office. D8 visa holders can also go to KOTRA or to the Seoul Global Center (where there are immigration officials).
The official title of the change of address application form is: "체류지 변경신고 / alteration of residence".
If there is no official who speaks English you can say why you're there by showing them this:
"이정보에 따라 체류지 변경신고해 주세요".

Forwarding Mail:
Go to any post office with ID (AR) card. Tell the counter staff that you want  주소이전신청서비스 (Joo so iee jeon service). S/he will then check your current (or old) address on your ID - ARC (card). This service is free for 3 months. For information on post office locations, type MAIL DELIVERY in the Search box above. want the information on this site to be as accurate and complete as possible so if you've noticed any errors or omission on this page, please let us know at

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